Introducing the First eBook in our Student Life Cycle Series

eBook_iPadAs you likely know if you’ve followed our transformation to Helix Education over the last several months, we’ve structured our solutions along the student life cycle to help you more effectively find, enroll, retain and teach students. Data flows through from one stage to the next, allowing you to build meaningful relationships with your students and really personalize the learning experience each step of the way.

For some schools, thinking about student support in terms of a life cycle is intuitive – it already aligns with the way they operate. For other schools, the ability to take data that was collected during a student’s initial inquiry and apply it throughout the entire process is unchartered territory.

In order to help schools navigate the student life cycle from that very first connection with a student, to the time he or she starts a program, and through to graduation, we are launching an eBook series that will get you thinking about all of the moving parts of a comprehensive student life cycle strategy.

We’re kicking it off with the first in the series, “A User’s Guide to Finding More Qualified Prospects.”

This eBook will help you understand the trends in messaging, channels and frequency so you can apply the right mix to your marketing efforts and recruit the most qualified prospects for your institution. You will also read about various campaign approaches such as direct mail, SEO, PPC and display advertising, as well as ways to measure the effectiveness of each – a practice known as attribution.

Stay tuned as we roll out the other eBooks in this series in the coming weeks.

Carey Hilderbrand

Carey brings a unique blend of client and agency experience to her role as General Manager of Marketing Services at Helix Education. She is a graduate of Utah State University and holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Utah.