Introducing Helix Enable: Unprecedented Transparency, Financial Flexibility, and Empowerment

More and more colleges and universities are turning to Outsourced Program Management (OPM) to build, launch, and manage programs in all modalities including online, on-campus, hybrid, and CBE. Yet, are the legacy OPM providers truly evolving with the times and supporting institutions in the way that institutions need them to do?

A Trend on the Rise

Eduventures tells us that “Among the nearly 2,600 colleges delivering online education, as many as 80% outsource operational functions beyond the use of a learning management system.” Clearly, institutions recognize the benefits of using a third party to manage the student lifecycle, from marketing and enrollment, to retention and student support.

Market Limitations

Unfortunately, too many of today’s OPM providers operate under a restrictive “black box” philosophy. This lack of visibility means institutions don’t fully understand what their partners are doing for them, where the money is being spent, and what the results are – leaving them ill-equipped to ever effectively manage programs themselves. Not to mention, these contracts are often lengthy and costly, requiring institutions to surrender a big percentage of their tuition dollars.

A Bold New Approach

After hearing about these concerns far too many times from colleges and universities, we’ve taken a vastly different approach, to change the face of OPM. Our newly released Helix Enable solution emphasizes transparency, while mitigating financial risk, and empowering our partners to ultimately take the reins.

  • Helix Enable is flexible: We teach our partners how to take our operational services for program management in-house if they choose, not only helping them grow, but helping them outgrow us.
  • Helix Enable is cost-effective: We help our partners protect more of their hard earned tuition dollars at half the typical revenue share of other OPM providers.
  • Helix Enable is transparent: We are performance-based and deliver data visibility where our clients need it most; they see every budget allocation, every test, and every result.

Helix Enable represents an entirely new way of thinking. It’s bold. It’s disruptive. It has the potential to advance higher education for the better, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

John Dobbertin

John brings extensive experience in technology and service leadership to his role as Chief Operating Officer at Helix Education. John has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and French from Niagara University, as well as technical training from the Georgia Institute of Technology.