Introducing Helix Education

From acquisition to transition to integration to implementation – that pretty much sums up our lives over the last several months.

You’ll likely remember that last October, we acquired the technology assets and support infrastructure of Altius Education.  We did so with the intent of further developing its solutions and expanding our footprint along the student life cycle.

Since then, we transitioned our teams and got up to speed on each other’s products, objectives and goals.  We integrated our technology and enterprise services and produced a complete outsource solution that enables higher education institutions to more effectively find, enroll, retain and teach students.

The culmination of these efforts is a new company with a new vision and a new name – Helix Education.

As Helix Education, we are redefining what it means to deliver a higher level of student support from the time a prospect inquires about a program, throughout the admissions and learning process.  We are helping schools better track and engage students throughout each step of the education experience.  We are making it possible for schools and students alike to optimize the cost of graduation.

We are doing all of these things through our newly expanded solution set.  Our data-driven digital and direct marketing offerings enable schools to effectively connect with prospective students. Our enrollment, retention and coaching services provide support and motivation. Our academic services provide a consultative approach to building and delivering personalized education paths for students.

It’s an exciting time for all of us at Helix Education, and we couldn’t be more optimistic about the future direction of our company and the impact our technology and services will have on the student life cycle.

Matthew Schnittman

Matthew is President and CEO of Helix Education. With an extensive background in education technology, Matthew has led some of the most forward-thinking institutional leaders to develop and implement game changing solutions, including large online learning programs and student data management systems. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona, and holds an MBA from The Kellogg School at Northwestern University.