Inquiry Generation Trends – How Will They Impact Your Practices?

Enrollment marketing is anything but predictable right now, due in large part to economic, demographic and regulatory shifts. Yet enrollment marketers can’t ignore these factors.

In our conversations with lead sellers and lead buyers, four recurring themes seem to dominate the space: quality, pricing, conversion and attribution. In our newly published article, “Using Current Trends to Shape Inquiry Generation Strategies” we dissect each of these trends and shed some light on ways they will likely impact your enrollment marketing practices.

Here is what we are seeing:

  1. Quality will trump volume
  2. Pricing pressure will drive consolidation or abandonment
  3. Institutions will work harder to maximize conversion
  4. Attribution will be essential to the final analysis

These uncertain times aren’t cause for alarm, but rather are spurring an opportunity to evolve. Those schools that can roll with the punches and rethink their processes in light of outside pressures have the highest probability of attracting more qualified students.