What Can the Education Industry Expect in 2014?

As we kick off this new year, we’ve been talking to our team internally, researching and reading external articles and reports, and generally soliciting input from our academic customers and contacts on what we can expect in 2014.  While this isn’t a comprehensive list, the three categories below seemed to create quite a bit of buzz around here.

Big DataBig_Data_in_Education

Big Data is everywhere.  Educators are starting to use data in all that they do across the entire student life cycle. Lead scoring is an example of how we use data to drastically improve results for Datamark clients. Attribution is another powerful example. Schools that are using attribution are seeing surprising and exciting data about the impact of brand-controlled marketing like direct mail and how it’s generating interested prospective students.

Just as Datamark has leveraged data to deliver more targeted student marketing and remarketing, data can also be applied to the learning experience too, giving schools the insights they need to help set students on the right educational path, keep them engaged and retained, and prepare them for career success. Having the right systems and processes in place to mine all of the data and effectively use it is key.

Micro Conversions

Each small action a prospect takes that puts him or her one step closer to becoming an inquiry, and eventually a student, is considered a “micro conversion.” From signing up for an email newsletter on the school’s website, to downloading an information packet or using an onsite tuition calculator, these steps demonstrate active interest. As more and more schools take note and being to track these activities, they will better understand how prospective students are interacting with their site and what prospects are finding useful. They can create new ways to interact with and capture information from prospective students, eventually nurturing that relationship and developing them into “macro conversions” whereby prospects make it official and fill out inquiry forms.

Competency-Based Learning

The ability for students to learn in a way and at a pace that will enable them to be most successful is transforming the education process.  To date, we have seen some elements of personalization in education, but as competency-based learning emerges, personalization will likely be taken to a new level. Technology will allow students to really focus in on areas where they need additional practice, skip areas in which they are already proficient, and demonstrate true competency.

As technology continues to change our everyday lives, so it continues to mold the education experience as well.  As with the start of each new year, we look forward to the advancements and the developments that will impact the dynamic field of education.

On behalf of all of us at Datamark, we wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Steve Winchester

Steve is the CMO at Helix Education. He has been an advertising account executive for more than 20 years. Steve received his BS from the University of Utah.