How to Slice Your Higher Ed Marketing Pie

Let’s face it, marketing budgets are tight these days, and growing them, letting alone keeping them at current levels, can be a challenge.

Anyone can provide you with media performance metrics – visits, clicks, calls, inquiries, and more. But what you really need are business performance metrics – insight that tells you how these visits, clicks, calls, and inquiries connect to each other through your various channels.

And while it’s a decent start, it’s not just about maxing out your highest-performing channels. Rather it is more important to not only leverage a media mix that makes sense (think of a pie), but to truly understand how growing and shrinking specific channel budgets (slices of pie) affect each other and the ROI of your entire marketing pie.

All too many times, multi-vendor strategies can disconnect your enrollment data, leaving you in the dark when it comes to truly understanding the relationship between those slices of pie. However, through an integrated agency of record, you can continually optimize and reallocate (re-slice) your total marketing budget to maximize enrollment growth while minimizing marketing spend.

It’s not just about finding the highest-performing single channel and making it the whole pie, but rather applying a multi-attribution philosophy that helps you understand and adjust the size of each piece of pie in a way that makes the most sense.

As a truly integrated agency of record for higher education, we make sure your entire prospective student data truly connects so you can continually re-slice your marketing budget to maximize the return on your marketing investment.

Brett Tippetts

As Vice President of Account Management, Brett guides Helix Education's clients to deliver relevant, personalized campaigns that create awareness and inspire connections between institutions and prospective students. Brett has 20 years of marketing and advertising experience developing strategic communications programs that increase brand equity.