How Recognizable is Your Brand? Better Yet, Can Students Differentiate It?

More than 4,000 U.S. colleges and universities compete for student enrollments every year. Competition is intense, as is differentiation, forcing education marketers to distinguish a product that often times is so similar to others out there. So how can an institution stand out and attract its fair share of these student enrollments?

When it comes to recruiting quality and qualified students, institutions need to clearly define exactly why their brand and the experience they deliver is different. At Helix, we’ve been helping colleges and universities approach brand identity in way that helps them showcase their unique personality and value with our brand-direct approach to integrated marketing.

In fact, our brand strategy and insight earned us a spot as a contributor in the November issue of Recruitment and Retention in Higher Education. Our article, “Breaking Through the Noise: The Importance of Brand on Recruitment Performance,” gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to brand differentiation.

Key to supporting your brand strategy is a distinctive combination of art and science – that is, creative concepts that are meaningful to your target market, backed by data that tells you what your target market wants, as well as how well your brand is resonating. It’s through art and science that your brand becomes recognizable, integrated and differentiated.

Combining compelling creative with powerful data attribution gives your institution the power to build and reinforce a brand that represents who you are, and one that students will believe in. To learn more, read our complete article here.

Seth Odell

Seth Odell brings his award winning creative talent from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to Helix Education as the General Manager of Marketing Services. While at SNHU, Seth was responsible for concepting, writing, and art directing SNHU’s national advertising efforts, including its heralded 2013 cross-country bus tour campaign. Now at Helix Education, Seth collaborates closely with colleges and universities to develop their brands, craft meaningful messages, and deliver integrated, results-driven campaigns.