How do test-optional admissions affect homeschoolers?

How do test-optional admissions affect homeschoolers?

Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the massive variability in the curriculum and academic experience of homeschoolers has historically made standardized test scores the easiest way for colleges to compare these students to their public school peers.

But in a test-optional admissions world, this makes evaluating homeschool students markedly more difficult. So, for many colleges, homeschool students are still required to submit their standardized testing exam scores, which have been difficult to take and find proctors for during the pandemic – the reason for the mass migration away from test requirements in the first place.

The takeaway? Admission requirements will continue to evolve. Finding a universal solution for everyone, regardless of the diversity and disparity of the student’s academic experience will continue to be difficult while it does.

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Eric Olsen

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