Why Higher Ed Needs to be at the Forefront of AI Training

Why does higher ed need to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence training?

Reported by EdSurge, AI is beginning to invisibly become a part of many industries, and already helping making civic choices such as parole decisions, and financial loan approvals. But what if the data the AI is making these decisions on is based off a system with existing societal bias, and therefore marginalized groups become even more so, a vicious cycle?

The takeaway? We’re graduating Computer Science students who will need to assist and lead on these decisions regarding the ethics of AI. So how do we make sure our students are prepared to help lead the way by understanding not only the technical side, but the ethics as well.

May you continue to fight the good enrollment growth fight at your institution today, and we’ll see you again tomorrow.

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Eric Olsen

Eric brings more than a decade of award-winning creative brand development, marketing analytics and higher education experience to Helix Education. Eric is a graduate of Bradley University and earned his MBA at Lewis University.