Here’s to Another Successful APSCU Convention and a Great Launch into Competency-Based Education

Heres to Another Great APSCU ConventionWe’ve been attending the APSCU Annual Convention for quite some time, and it strikes me that while the career college market has seen its fair share of challenges over the last several years, schools assemble at this event every year with an innovative, encouraging and proactive spirit. Their goal is to advance and improve the education experience every step of the way, regardless of outside pressures, including changing demographics, increasing regulatory involvement, and shifting student expectations.

This year’s APSCU event was the launching pad for our competency-based education (CBE) initiative. We hosted some standing room only demonstrations of our LMS which is built specifically for CBE, and our own Steve Pappageorge joined an insightful panel of educators and thought leaders to discuss the benefits, opportunities and challenges of a CBE approach.

One of the best quotes that came out of the event was by Jeb Bush during his closing remarks:

“We need to embrace the digital revolution and move to customized learning…allow students to learn at their own pace,” said Jeb when referring to CBE.

We couldn’t agree more, Jeb – the movement to a more personalized and meaningful learning experience is what inspires our product and services teams, our developers, our account managers, our executives, and everyone at Helix Education who has a hand in our solution set.

CBE is gaining traction, there is no question about it. We are excited to be on the forefront of this significant transformation in education, and know that the innovative, encouraging and proactive spirit of the sector will be instrumental in its progression.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event, and a big thank you to APSCU for putting on another great show!

Kara Snyder

As the Director of Corporate Marketing, Kara brings nearly a decade of education marketing insights and experience to Helix Education. Before joining Helix, she worked in enrollment and affiliate marketing, undergraduate and graduate admissions, and student affairs. Kara earned her bachelor’s degree from Temple University.