Helix Invited to Present at NYAPC Innovation Summit for Second Consecutive Year

The New York Association of Proprietary Colleges (NYAPC) Innovation Summit is underway, and for the second year in a row, Helix Education is excited to be part of the line up! The show gives college presidents, faculty, and staff an opportunity to share ideas and strategies in a variety of areas affecting the teaching and learning process, including student assessment and engagement, regulatory affairs, technology, and social media.

NYAPC invited our own Chris Edwards, Regional Vice President, to present two information sessions:

How Does Marketing Impact Student Retention?
Wednesday, June 17 at 8:30 a.m.

In the Administrator Track, Chris will explore the role of student-centered marketing, including specific campaigns and messages, to create motivation for each individual student to start, motivation to stay, and if necessary, motivation to re-engage. Session attendees will learn how they can use marketing and enrollment strategies to set the stage for a successful education experience, matching the right students with the right programs, and using data collected up front to support their students through graduation.

Adopting Adaptive Learning Techniques: How Adaptive Learning Technology Drives Instruction and Instructors Drive Adaptive Learning Technology
Wednesday, June 17 at 11:30 a.m.

Our team is joining forces with Bryant and Stratton College to define and differentiate emerging learning models including Adaptive Learning, Personalized Learning, and Competency-Based Education (CBE). Attendees will learn from Bryant and Stratton College’s first-hand experience leveraging adaptive learning tools to drive instruction in an entirely new way. From exploring the ways in which instructors can use adaptive learning technology to cultivate independent learners to adapting teaching strategies that afford students opportunities to work independently, Bryant and Stratton College will highlight the challenges involved in this process and how solutions to these challenges have led to the increasingly adaptive methods introduced to their students.

The Innovation Summit kicks off today and runs through June 18th. We hope you can join us for insight into innovative new ways institutions are meeting the needs of today’s students, helping them enroll, engage, and thrive!

Kara Snyder

As the Director of Corporate Marketing, Kara brings nearly a decade of education marketing insights and experience to Helix Education. Before joining Helix, she worked in enrollment and affiliate marketing, undergraduate and graduate admissions, and student affairs. Kara earned her bachelor’s degree from Temple University.