Helix Education’s Data + Coaching Model Featured on Higher Ed Live

We’ve been hitting the streets hard lately with our “Data + Coaching” Retention-as-a-Service model, and it is resonating. Most recently, Higher Ed Live published our guest blog about the importance of combining insights with action.

Data is an important element of a student retention strategy, as is outreach support, but both are limited in what they can achieve without the other. When combined, they become that much more powerful and the results that much more impressive.

According to our own Sarah Horn, VP of Retention Services at Helix and blogger, “By incorporating enrollment, academic and behavioral data into predictive retention models, you can predict which students are most likely to struggle and your student success coaches can reach out before they do.”

When colleges and universities deliver an integrated data + coaching model, personalized retention strategies not only become realistic, they become scalable. Advisors and coaches have the information they need to connect effectively with more students, and more students receive the support they need to stay engaged.

If you are not familiar with the Higher Ed Live network, check it out! It offers viewers direct access to the best and brightest minds in education and allows viewers to share knowledge and participate in discussions around the most important issues in the industry, including challenges and advancements in admissions, marketing, student affairs, communications and more.

Thanks for the shout out, Higher Ed Live!

Chris Edwards

As Regional Vice President at Helix Education, Chris works directly with colleges and universities to identify partnership opportunities that help institutions find, enroll, retain, and teach more students. Chris earned his MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.