Helix Education’s Integrated AOR Model Gives Institutions a One-Stop Creative and Direct Response Marketing Partner

Our recent integrated agency of record (AOR) announcement is garnering some significant attention in education circles. And while AOR is nothing new in the greater marketing sphere, the way we look at integrated AOR specific to higher ed is certainly worth noting.

How Do We Define Our AOR Model?

Our approach is truly integrated. Data is at the core of everything we do, enabling us to strengthen brand identity and achieve enrollment growth through campaigns that depend on fully closed-loop creative attribution. Data drives our brand strategies, campaigns messages and creative, and marketing channel mixes to get better over time and maximize your institution’s ROI.

How Are We Different from Other AORs?

Unlike other models that often result in inconsistent branding, cost inefficiencies and siloed data across a variety of one-off media vendors, we help institutions differentiate their brand and maximize enrollment growth with data insights that steer and adapt campaigns and placements to maximize results and minimize spend. Additionally, our no-commodity creative philosophy means we understand your audience and craft messages and artwork that will specifically resonate with them.

What Can our AOR Do For your Institution?

We are results-driven. Our integrated model allows your college or university to not only take your advertising and marketing campaigns to the next level, but to do so in a way that produces better outcomes at a lower cost.

Sensing a theme here?

As higher education marketing continues to become more competitive and complex, we believe that success is dependent on an integrated approach. Learn more about how we can help your team grow enrollments and differentiate your brand while saving valuable time and money.

Pete Thornfield

As the Vice President of Marketing Services at Helix Education, Pete helps integrated AOR clients embrace bold, game changing marketing strategies that result in increased enrollment and stronger brand equity. He earned his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.