Helix Education Brings More Consistent, Proactive Monitoring to All CPL Clients

Online inquiry generation continues to be one of the most effective ways for schools to connect with prospective students. That said, there is far more scrutiny over online enrollment practices than ever.

Our clients have a lot at stake, which is exactly why we are now automatically performing deeper monitoring and even more frequent audits on behalf of all of our CPL clients so that they stay in the know and compliant.

In order to help our clients protect their brand and engage only with the highest quality inquiries, we are customizing compliance management support to fit each individual school’s needs. We are conducting more regular and ongoing identification of known and unknown URLs, marketing guideline and TCPA audits, creative reviews, call center monitoring, and more.

By helping our clients maximize the integrity of their online practices, represent their brands ethically, safeguard their leads, and generate the highest quality inquiries, they have peace of mind that they are well protected and compliant.

To us at Helix Education, consistent, proactive assessments can raise red flags that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Providing this increased level of monitoring is just one more way our team is supporting schools in meeting their enrollment marketing goals.

Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith is a marketing professional with broad experience in many aspects of marketing: media management, new product development, branding, and creative advertising. She earned a BS in Marketing from the University of Utah.