Helix Education and Cornell University Discuss the State of Online Education on Higher Ed Live

Over the last decade and a half, online education has emerged as a means for opportunity. It has opened doors that otherwise were not available to students, and it has allowed institutions to scale their programs.

In fact, 75% of academic leaders say online education is a pillar of their strategy moving forward. Yet, the overall market has declined 1.7% year-over-year. Supply is way up while demand is rapidly declining. So what gives?

Higher Ed Live, an online network offering viewers direct access to the best and brightest minds in education, invited Seth Odell, Helix Education’s Vice President of Creative and Marketing Strategy and founder of Higher Ed Live, to join forces with Ashley Budd, Assistant Director of Digital Innovation at Cornell University, and lead a frank discussion on The State of Online Education.

The two discuss what’s happening in the industry, what educators should be watching for, and how to win in this increasingly complex and competitive market. Watch the episode and discover:

  • One often untapped KPI that can be a secret to success online (Hint: There’s a referral revolution currently happening in higher ed)
  • Which program areas still offer significant opportunity (Hint: Think specialties.)
  • How integrated marketing can help you not just stand out, but get ahead (Hint: Don’t sell the industry, sell the institution.)

Murphy Monroe

Murphy is the Vice President of Operations and General Manager of Enterprise Services at Helix Education. Prior to joining Helix, Murphy served as Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management for Columbia College Chicago, where he implemented marketing and enrollment operations strategies that moved the college from regional to national status and dramatically improved the academic preparedness of incoming students.