Four Key Themes Impacting Inquiry Generation This Year

The enrollment marketing industry is anything but predictable right now, marked by economic swings, stricter regulations, demographic shifts, and changing consumer behaviors. There is a lot consider, and a lot weighing on the minds of education marketers.

In our new white paper, “Finding the Right Students: Four Key Trends Impacting Inquiry Generation,” we are tackling the four themes that continually come up in our conversations with lead sellers and lead buyers:

1. Quality will trump volume

2. Pricing pressure will drive consolidation or abandonment

3. Institutions will work harder to maximize conversion

4. Attribution will be essential to the final analysis

The paper highlights the ways in which quality, pricing, conversion and attribution are not only impacting your ability to successfully generate inquiries, but also how they might just be helping you find the right students in a sea of prospects.

Download your free copy of our white paper today in the resources section of our website.

Kari Kovar

Leading the Partnerships Division at Helix Education, Kari brings more than 15 years of experience in higher education. In her role, she evaluates new partnerships, ensuring that the company and its clients are aligned for success. Kari has a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from the University of North Dakota.