eCampus News Features 3 Trendy Learning Terms that Need Differentiating

Differentiating Different Learning Models
How much clarity do you have around the similarities and differences of recent learning terms?

Personalized Learning. Adaptive Learning. Competency-Based Learning. How much clarity do you have around the similarities and differences of each?

While these terms might be used interchangeably by some, each has its own definition and its own approach to helping students achieve mastery.

eCampus News recently featured our white paper on defining and differentiating these methods and models in its Top News column. Noting that all trendy terms are created equal, the article highlights the definition, key characteristics, implementation guidelines, and considerations for each term.

If you haven’t had a chance to read our white paper, I encourage you to download it here: “Instructional Methods and Education Models Shaping the Future of Higher Education“. Our goal in publishing this white paper is to give schools more clarity around each – so they can better understand these approaches and what is involved, and ultimately pursue the one way (or a combination of ways) that make the most sense for their school, their instructors and their students.

As we head into 2015, these innovative approaches and models are not just a vision anymore, but rather schools are implementing them and starting to see results. They are transforming the teaching and learning process, facilitating new ways to deliver content, engage students, and measure outcomes.

Cherron Hoppes

Cherron is the Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education. She holds a doctorate of education (Ed.D.) from The University of Alabama with a specialization in higher education administration.