Canceling Classes on Election Day?

Should colleges cancel classes on election day?

Unlike many countries, the United States does not offer Election Day as a national holiday. And therefore, it can be difficult for many working adults to get to the voting booth while balancing work, family, and education.

Reported by The Washington Post, students at many institutions, including American University, are petitioning their universities to cancel classes to ensure students’ have the time to fulfill their civic responsibility, by both voting and/or volunteering to work at the polls themselves since they are at a statistically lower health risk to do so.

The takeaway? Yeah, why aren’t we doing that?

May you continue to fight the good enrollment growth fight at your institution today, and we’ll see you again tomorrow.

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Eric Olsen

Eric brings more than a decade of award-winning creative brand development, marketing analytics and higher education experience to Helix Education. Eric is a graduate of Bradley University and earned his MBA at Lewis University.