Art Vs. Science: Where Does Your Enrollment Marketing Strategy Live?

“No one remembers you for standing in the crowd. They remember you for standing out of it.”

– Eddie Harris, American Jazz Musician


Blending in is boring. Yet, trying to stand out can be challenging, especially for educational marketers trying to differentiate a service that has very similar attributes as so many others out there. It’s competitive, to say the least.

At Helix Education, we believe the secret to standing out in a crowd is a strategic mix of art and science. That is, a marriage of compelling creative that resonates with students and powerful data attribution models that help you understand the impact your campaigns are having on those students.

Let’s tackle the “art” first.

From a creative standpoint, it is important to stay emotionally true to your brand. The power of expressive, evocative creative that differentiates your brand and embodies your personality can connect you and your target market, ultimately influencing the next step in a student’s research and decision making process. It is important to not only communicate the value you provide to the student, but also why that value-add is different or better than that of a competitor, and why he or she should take that next step with you.

This is where “science” comes into play.

As gripping and convincing as your creative is, art alone isn’t enough. The data insights that accompany your campaigns give you the power to continually optimize your media mix. Information that tells you which messages, ads, promotions, and channels resonate, and which do not, allows you to re-allocate your marketing mix, resulting in smarter spend.

As the integrated agency of record (AOR) for higher education, we have the team, tools, and technologies to help your institution maximize enrollment growth while minimizing marketing spend. We combine art and science in a way that no other higher education marketing partner does. Our non-commodity creative is tailored to your audience and our data attribution models tell you exactly where and how that creative is performing so you can adapt messages and placements accordingly.

So now you have a little insight into our secret sauce. Art + Science = Brand differentiation and enrollment growth.

Seth Odell

Seth Odell brings his award winning creative talent from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to Helix Education as the General Manager of Marketing Services. While at SNHU, Seth was responsible for concepting, writing, and art directing SNHU’s national advertising efforts, including its heralded 2013 cross-country bus tour campaign. Now at Helix Education, Seth collaborates closely with colleges and universities to develop their brands, craft meaningful messages, and deliver integrated, results-driven campaigns.