Are All of Your Marketing Channels Pulling their Weight?

AttributionWhile it’s certainly much easier to just assume the last marketing channel a student encountered was the one that produced an inquiry, this last-click credit approach is no way to go. How do you really know which of your channels and campaigns are working, which ones are impacting others, and where you should be putting your marketing dollars?

Traditionally, it has taken a significant amount of resources and several different technology components to accurately gauge the impact of each channel and campaign.  But that is all changing thanks to our new attribution solution.

Our attribution technology tracks and attributes results at every touch point along the inquiry funnel so that you can understand how the various channels work together and which campaigns resonate with students.

Here’s how it works. We collect data as prospective students land on your website and respond to your offline and digital marketing initiatives, including direct mail, banner advertisements, email campaigns, and search listings. We then analyze that data to tell you how your media mix is performing, and also make recommendations on campaign development, channel allocation and optimization, and media spending.

This level of insight can have a dramatic impact on your marketing plans.  For example, our clients have seen a spike in their search traffic as a result of direct mail campaigns. With the help of attribution tracking we were able to dig a little deeper and discovered that some 60 percent of direct mail inquiries now come through other sources such as search and direct-to-site visits. In this case, direct mail did indeed pull its weight.

If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to our webinar this week with Today’s Campus.  We’ll cover the ins and outs of attribution marketing. Registration is open for the free event on Wednesday, November 6th at 2:00 p.m. eastern time.

Steve Winchester

Steve is the CMO at Helix Education. He has been an advertising account executive for more than 20 years. Steve received his BS from the University of Utah.