Keeping Students Engaged and Moving Toward Graduation

Today’s students are inundated with both internal and external factors that prevent them from accomplishing their academic goals – our objective is to help them effectively navigate those challenges and keep them moving toward graduation.

Enter Helix Retain.

Helix Retain gives educators a formula with which they can deliver exactly the right amount of outreach at exactly the right time to help keep students from falling through the cracks. Sometimes outreach is as simple as a reminder, and other times it requires direct interventions such as ongoing, consistent communications and coaching. Finding the right way and frequency to nurture and support students increases the likelihood that they will stay engaged, complete a course, enroll the following term, and graduate, which goes a long way in improving affordability and institutional effectiveness.

The massive amount of data that we collect, coupled with the way that it is filtered, presented and prioritized, gives educators the insight they need to personally reach students early and often. Helix Retain can scale and adapt according to increases in available data and the ever-changing and unique needs of each student.

The three cornerstones to Helix Retain are Markers, Action Plans and Risk Models.

  • Markers: designed to help institutions identify trends across time and programs, markers can be customized for data segmentation (demographics, gender, course modality preference, past performance); risk factor indicators (test scores, absenteeism, non-performance, life interference); personalized communication strategies (targeted email, phone call, or other contact); and more.
  • Action Plans: designed to help success coaches, advisors, faculty, and others mentor and assist students, action plans drive consistent, proactive outreach through automated email and text messages, manual outreach (phone calls) and tasks, and prescriptive and time-driven (cadence-based messaging) communications.
  • Risk Models: designed to help faculty and administrators prioritize and measure outreach, risk models facilitate customized interventions and inform student success strategies at the institutional level.

The ability to aggregate key data from an abundance of information, easily analyze the data without wasting time mining for insights, and act on the data in a way that is relevant to each learner’s own needs is what sets Helix Retain apart from other retention solutions.

Steve Pappageorge

As Chief Product Officer, Steve brings a wealth of general management and technology leadership to his role at Helix Education. Having spent nearly 11 years with DeVry University, serving in a variety of roles, he was most recently the dean of the College of Continuing Education, New Programs, and Outreach. Steve earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Lake Forest College and an MBA from Northern Illinois University.