A Retention Equation That Really Adds Up

We’ve been talking quite a bit about retention lately, and for good reason: Not enough college students are being retained from term-to-term, and year-to-year. The statistics are alarming. The good news, however, is that higher education is starting to put the strategies in place to turn these metrics around and help more students succeed.

Relying on data + coaching is one such strategy that is making measurable strides. In fact, my recent article in Recruitment and Retention in Higher Education explores the power of predictive retention technology when combined with proactive coaching interventions as a meaningful way to drive retention.

As you read the article, you will notice a list of key questions to help you evaluate your current student retention strategy and how your institution can better use data and coaching to retain students.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does our retention strategy effectively incorporate enrollment, academic, and behavioral risk factors to help find struggling students?
  2. Does our retention strategy empower our academic advisors and success coaches with meaningful data insights to act proactively?
  3. Does our retention strategy effectively integrate and leverage institutional data sources, including SIS, LMS, CRM, and more?
  4. Does our retention strategy provide insights to help improve our future recruitment strategy as well?
  5. Does our retention strategy’s total cost (technology + human capital) provide us with a strong ROI?

Data + Coaching = Improved Retention Rates

Both data and coaching are critical, not to mention equal, components of the retention equation. When added together, the sum means higher student success rates.

Sarah Horn

As the VP of Retention at Helix Education, Sarah brings unique insight into student retention from more than a decade of experience in higher education, nearly all in operations. She has designed, scaled and managed a success coaching program for an online Associate's Degree, and has a tremendous amount of experience aligning and implementing relevant, practical retention strategies that drive results. Previously, she worked for Inside Track as Campus Director, implementing large-scale partnership. Sarah is a graduate of The University of Rochester and earned her Master's degree at John F. Kennedy University.