A Game of Navigation: Aligning Rules, Budgets and Quality Standards. Join Us at LeadsCon to Learn More!

LeadsCon 2015 is fast approaching, and once again, Helix Education is excited to be part of the line-up. Brittany Smith, our VP of Media, is participating in a panel discussion at the Buyer’s Summit, an exclusive track where lead buyers can explore new ideas and new strategies to generate the highest quality inquiries.

Lead buyers today struggle with finding the right inquiries, the right way, and at the right cost. How can they ensure their marketing programs, channels and messaging not only comply with emerging regulations, but also their budgets and quality standards?

It’s almost like a giant board game where there are shortcuts, obstacles, the finish line, and of course, the rules. For example, is pursuing questionable marketing practices in an effort to save you time and money (shortcuts) really the best approach? Are your costs (obstacles) in line with your goals? Which inquiries do you want to secure (the finish line)? What’s at risk if you are not compliant (rules)?

The session is intended to help lead buyers steer their way across the board:

What: Navigating Through Consumer Intent, Regulatory Guidelines, and Marketing Costs to Arrive at the Home of Lead Quality

When: Monday, March 2nd at 1:45 p.m. Pacific Time

Why: Gain insight into the kinds of questionable marketing practices that are emerging, the regulatory concerns that revolve around these channels, and how buyers and sellers should carefully navigate around these risky opportunities.

Attendees also won’t want to miss Helix Education at Booth 619 where they can learn about the data-driven enrollment marketing solutions that Helix has used for more than 30 years to help institutions find more qualified prospects. LeadsCon attracts roughly 3,000 attendees, all with the goal of getting more out of their lead gen and performance marketing programs.

We hope to see you in Las Vegas!

Rachel Lemieux

As the Director of CPL Media at Helix Education, Rachel oversees the CPL media buys of 30 clients. She earned her MBA from the University of Utah in 2011.