8 Strategies to Combat Post-Recession Challenges

The economic environment is changing once again, and with that change comes challenges for education marketers. But there are ways to turn post-recession challenges into distinct marketing opportunities.

Following are eight enrollment marketing strategies to help you through the economic recovery:

  1. Pay for inquiries based on their quality.
  2. Prioritize your inquiries based on their likelihood to convert.
  3. Contact high-scoring inquiries within the first three minutes.
  4. Develop a text messaging contact strategy.
  5. Use online fulfillment packages and view books.
  6. Carefully control dialog marketing strategies and cadence.
  7. Refine messaging based on economic conditions.
  8. Keep enrolled student profiles updated.

Remember to focus on increasing your conversion rate, not just purchasing the inquiries. And make sure you’ve got strategies for retaining students once they’ve started.

To ensure these higher conversions, you’ll need to refine every step of your marketing life cycle, from prospect generation all the way to student retention.

Rick Bentz

Rick brings 23 years of experience in market research to his role as SVP of Business Intelligence at Helix Education. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a minor in Finance from the University of Utah.