3 Tips to Get Visitors On The Go

What do mobile users experience when searching for and visiting your school on their handheld devices?  Do they find your web site easily or at all?  Once there, is your site format and content comprehensible?

To connect with mobile visitors, you have to pay closer attention to their environment and optimize your web assets.  Here are a few things worth focusing on, right now, to ensure your on-the-go prospects learn all about you:

  1. Aspire to the top search results. Most users don’t like to scroll on mobile browsers, so search engine optimization and placing high on search results is more important than ever. While there are no silver bullets, make sure your site is about your school. Provide quick access to your programs, admissions team and other key topics. Be prudent about using images and rich media, which can obscure your content to a search engine. Eventually, you will rise in the search results – and this position determines whether prospects find your school or explore somewhere else.
  2. Get prospects calling with a single click.  Make sure it’s easy to reach you immediately. Prominently feature a complete phone number, with area code and prefix, so that mobile users can take advantage of click-to-call technology. When prospects click on your hyper-linked number, they are able to call and instantly engage with your enrollment agents. Another way to attract mobile callers is to buy Google Click-to-Call ads, which ensure a prominent, top position for your site along with seamless click-to-call technology.
  3. Build a mobile-only site. On a mobile device, your site may look out of sorts because it’s filled with garbled, unformatted text or blocked images.  Instead, develop a straightforward site that speaks best to the task-driven, goal oriented mindset of mobile users. Think about a simplified design, with simple navigation and a few accessible pages that are built for speed. And be sure to incorporate links between your mobile and desktop sites in the event device sniffers don’t live up to their task. Check out the University of Alabama on your mobile device at http://www.ua.edu/. Or visit us on the mobile web at http://www.helixeducation.com/.

By paying attention to the web access behaviors of the mobile generation, you’ll be able to access and attract visitors who really are looking for you – at the right time, in the right way.

Scott Haslam

Scott Haslam has been with Helix Education for 3 ½ years and has over 8 years of experience in the Higher Education industry. He earned his BA degree in Communications from Brigham Young University.