Is neuroeducation the key to online retention?

“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” -Stephen Hawking Two realities are converging in higher education in an unsettling way. First, college and universities are being increasingly confronted by the changing needs of the post-traditional student, causing more institutions to incorporate a variety of online offerings. Second, staggering […]

Your students’ academic problems aren’t just academic

Student retention is an issue with high stakes for both the institution and the student. When tackling the issue of student retention, institutions often work from a common misunderstanding: students drop out because the academic load is too difficult. In reality, it’s often much more complicated than that. As noted in the recently released Primer […]

It takes a team to graduate post-traditional students Brenau graduate a testament to data plus coaching model

Donning a cap and gown at graduation is no small feat for post-traditional students, especially when life’s curveballs often stand in the way of degree completion. In fact, nearly half of students who pursue a college education leave before earning a degree, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Yet it’s possible to hit […]

The Missing Link: How Success Coaching Can Solve Higher Education’s Retention Crisis

Colleges and universities are facing the ever-demanding challenges of student retention and empowering students to succeed and graduate. In fact, as many as 1-in-3, first-year students won’t return back after freshman year. Even more alarming is the fact that only 59% of full-time students will graduate from a 4-year institution. We often over-attribute these alarming […]

Congratulations to the Great Graduating Eight  

This year’s graduating class at Indiana University includes a group of graduates known as the “Great Graduating Eight” who will earn their doctorate in education. The feat of earning a doctoral degree is always impressive, but what’s even more impressive is the way these students went about it. They created a “sister circle” to share, […]

A Retention Equation That Really Adds Up

We’ve been talking quite a bit about retention lately, and for good reason: Not enough college students are being retained from term-to-term, and year-to-year. The statistics are alarming. The good news, however, is that higher education is starting to put the strategies in place to turn these metrics around and help more students succeed. Relying […]

Data and Coaching Combination Solves Retention Crisis

The average institution loses just shy of $10 million in revenue annually due to student attrition. In fact, nearly half of students who start college don’t leave with a degree in hand, causing them to miss out on valuable career and life-advancing opportunities. Unfortunately, limited institutional resources dedicated to student reten­tion can make it hard […]

Student Retention: The Other ½ of Your Enrollment Growth Story

Enrollment growth, while impressive, really loses some of its luster if the students you are enrolling are not graduating. And it’s not necessarily the fault of educators to be so focused on front-end enrollment efforts as the basis for their growth. Unfortunately, federal initiatives still prioritize student access over student success. Retention statistics in higher […]

Recruit to Retain, and Retain to Recruit

Your retention data is one of the best indicators your team has to determine which students can be the most successful at your institution. But too many times enrollment marketers and admissions teams don’t have access to this information to tie it to the kinds of students they should be recruiting. How you recruit should […]