Teaching new alumni to give

Do new alumni need to be taught to give? Reported by Education Dive, Villanova University just wrapped up a 5-year capital campaign that came in $160 million over their $600 million goal through 78,000 donors, half of whom gave for the very first time. While major gifts drive campaigns, many advancement offices believe that ignoring […]

Will Google search changes increase community college enrollment?

How will changes to Google’s college search features impact community college enrollment? Reported by Education Dive, while Google’s “college search” features have historically only included 4-year colleges, community colleges will now be included in these search rankings. As these typically low-priced options are added to rankable college search listings, will this small database change vastly […]

Will the future of private college support come through employer partnerships?

While 65% of City University of New York’s budget runs off city and state support, one university president believes the future of private institution support needs to come through employer partnerships. Reported by Education Dive, Jayson Boyers, president of Cleary University, believes industry-education partnerships may provide the revenue stream diversity so needed by private institutions. […]

Indiana University has reduced mental health stigma on campus

Indiana University’s attempts to remove some of the stigma behind mental health issues appears to be working. Reported by Education Dive, the peer-led U Bring Change to Mind (UBC2M) has been holding events, “de-stress” activities, and bi-weekly meetings in attempt to boost mental health awareness and services across campus. Longitudinal surveys have shown a decrease […]

George Mason University Expands Student Mental Health Services

Students are struggling with their mental health. The percentage of incoming students who report feeling overwhelmed has jumped from 28% to a full 40% over the past two decades.  What are the primary theories about this? Have overall stress factors increased? Some experts blame helicopter parenting, saying it leaves students unprepared for the disappointments and […]

SNHU is offering Salesforce credit

Southern New Hampshire University is now offering course credit for free Salesforce training. Reported by Education Dive, SNHU will now count completion of Salesforce’s free online training program, Trailhead, as a technology elective. This follows the path of more and more colleges and universities partnering with and incorporating popular technology and software credentials into their […]

What can we learn from other countries’ “free college” initiatives?

What can we learn from other countries’ “free college” initiatives? Reported by Education Dive, a new study from the American Enterprise Institute suggests some potential unintended consequences of free college. Specifically in these international use cases, you find a high correlation between an increase in federal subsidies and lower admission rates. This is partially because […]

Apprenticeship Expansion at Florida International University

The Department of Labor wants to expand apprenticeship programs between higher education institutions and key industries. So much, in fact, that it invested $183 million in grant funding to do so.  Dr. Elizabeth M. Béjar, Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Florida International University, and Dr. Bridgette Cram, Assistant Vice President for […]

Are nutrition benefits a college completion strategy?

Are nutrition benefits a college completion strategy? Reported by Education Dive, The College Student Hunger Act of 2019 is a legislative attempt to expand the existing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, otherwise known as SNAP. With a growing food insecurity problem across college campuses, and with more and more nontraditional students trying to balance the finances […]

Carnegie Mellon University Prepares for the Self-Driving Future

When many in higher education think about self-driving car technology, we’re tempted to jump straight to robotics, but autonomous car manufacturers are also going to be looking for generalists who understand the bigger picture of autonomous vehicle design and manufacturing.   How can universities help prepare students to work in the autonomous vehicle industry? Dr. John […]

Southwest Airlines is Building University Pipelines

Southwest Airlines is building university pipelines. Reported by Education Dive, with the aviation industry experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, more and more airlines are working directly with universities to create customized academic pathways and apprenticeship programs. Southwest Airlines is the most recent, partnering with Arizona State University, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, University of Nebraska […]

Competency-Based Assessed Students Are Graduating 59% Faster

Students in competency-based assessment bachelor’s degree programs at Capella University are graduating 59% faster. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the promise of competency-based education is that freed from the credit hour, students would be able to progress through the curriculum as fast as their mastery allowed, saving time and tuition dollars. This experiment at Capella […]

Part-time Student Price Penalty

There’s a price penalty for part-time students in higher ed. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, many colleges still retain “plateau tuition” policies, meaning that a student taking 18 credit hours a semester pays no more than a student taking 12 credit hours. These policies are designed to encourage full-time enrollment and help students graduate faster. […]

The downsides of planning for the future of higher education

What could long-term higher ed planning possibly look like? We don’t need a different college every 10 miles to effectively serve the student population. Everyone’s going to study online. They’re going to make a hyper-rational value-quality decision based on widely available data. And there will be 25 mega-schools that teach everyone. What does real-term higher […]

Cannabis goes to college

Is cannabis coming to college? Reported by MarketWatch, with more and more states legalizing marijuana for medical and/or recreational use, the industry as a whole is looking to evolve. From ag science, to business operations, the business of cannabis is quickly creating a need for a specifically educated workforce. And a few institutions are starting […]

Gates Foundation’s Early Alert Initiatives Show Little Impact

The Gates Foundation’s early alert initiatives designed to improve student persistence and retention have proven largely ineffective to date. Reported by EdSurge, a new study examining the impact on these early interventions funded by the Gates Foundation at three separate universities has “not yet produced discernible positive effects on students’ academic performance.” This is a […]

Can Higher Ed Learn Online Education Best Practices from McDonalds?

Can higher ed learn online education best practices from McDonalds? Reported by EdSurge, Arizona State University’s Chief Technology Officer, Donna Kidwell, is looking to incorporate the best-practices of corporate training programs into online education. Because in a fast-growing franchise model, the new owner needs to learn very specific best practices for how to run and […]

Those Masterclass Videos are Coming After Higher Education

Those Masterclass videos are coming after higher education. Reported by EdSurge, the founder behind those celebrity video courses you see advertised in your Facebook feed is now offering university-level courses through a new company called Outlier. Outlier has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh to ensure the credits earned are transferable, and each course costs […]

Avoiding the Discriminatory Design of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Ed

How can we avoid the discriminatory design of artificial intelligence in higher ed? Reported by EdSurge, unchecked, artificial intelligence may tell you that low-income students are a higher risk admission chance, and suggest denying their entry. It may judge teachers on the exit point of the students taking their course and ignore their entry point. […]

Could Employer-Funded College Ruin Publicly-Funded Higher Education?

Could employer-funded college ruin publicly-funded higher education? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, while many see employer-funded education as an amazing move toward accessibility for adult learners, some, like Geoffrey Cox from Stanford University, have grown concerned that this trend may cause a de-funding of public education and lock both healthcare insurance and education […]

Boston University Launches Second-Tier Priced Online MBA

Boston University is launching a second-tier priced online MBA. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, while many institutions make no pricing, or respective quality, distinctions between their online and on-campus degree programs, Boston University is promoting a purposely different online MBA. Specifically designed for the part-time student, this online degree offered in conjunction with edX, offers […]

Is “right-sizing” an enrollment excuse or a strategy?

Is “right-sizing” an enrollment excuse or a strategy? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, many are asking that question after George Washington University’s president, Thomas LeBlanc, announced plans to intentionally cut undergraduate enrollment by 20% over the next five years. This “better, not bigger” model is becoming a popular anthem in higher ed right now, but […]

Conversion Rate Optimization at Bethany Global University

You’ve probably heard about conversion rate optimization. But what exactly is it? And how might it fit in with your higher education marketing strategy? Dan Sanchez, Marketing Director at Bethany Global University joined a recent episode of the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about the tools, techniques and massive enrollment growth successes they’ve had […]

Is social emotional learning coming to higher education?

Is social emotional learning coming to higher education? Reported by Education Dive, George Mason University is one of many institutions working with Education Design Lab to bring soft-skills badging, including social emotional learning, to higher ed. These credentials, including empathy, resilience, and collaboration can currently be obtained by both undergraduate and graduate students through standalone […]

Is a lifetime membership a solution for educating the lifelong learner?

Is a lifetime membership a solution for educating the lifelong learner? With many colleges thinking through their support mechanisms for the lifelong learner, including stackable credentials and continuing certifications, could a lifelong membership option be on the table? Some institutions like Boise State University are coming close with a subscription-based model, but this subscription currently […]

Will visa delays be what prevents many institutions from hitting their numbers this fall?

Will visa delays be what prevents many institutions from hitting their numbers this fall? Reported by Education Dive, visa delays by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are making colleges and universities nationwide so concerned about their international enrollment, many higher ed leaders are petitioning congress and the Department of Homeland Security to step […]

A degree of embedded certifications?

Is a degree of embedded certifications the next step for some of our tech-centric degree programs? Reported by Education Dive, with more institutions attempting to prove the market value of their degree programs, many are following the lead of community colleges, and incorporating credentials and market-friendly certifications directly within their degree programs, including Broward College, […]

Faculty’s role in a personalized learning campus

What if faculty’s role was less about subject matter expertise, and more about student learning expertise – working to personalize content delivery based on the individual learning profile of each student? Reported by Education Dive, Maryville University President Mark Lombardi is going all-in on personalized learning, using learning diagnostics and life coaches to make sure […]

What did free community college do for four-year institutions?

What did free community college do for four-year institutions? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, two years into the Oregon Promise program, which provided Oregon students with tuition-free community college, there was a 4.2% increase in community college enrollment and a 2.9% enrollment decline at the state’s 4-year colleges. 4-year institutions have been fearful of what […]

George Mason University Launches Amazon-Partnered Cloud Computing Degree

Should higher ed degree programs incorporate additional skills credentials and certifications within them employers are specifically looking for? Dr. Michelle Marks, Vice President for Academic Innovation and New Ventures at George Mason University joined the podcast to talk about their new cloud computing degree in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Northern Virginia Community […]

HR’s move to competency-based hiring

Would competency-based hiring put competency-based learning back in the spotlight? Reported by EdSurge, more and more HR managers are exploring and championing this concept of competency-based or skills-based hiring. And this could move us away from the degree being the primary signal of a new candidate’s talent, and more toward skills alignment to a company […]

Retraining vs. education?

Is Amazon going to “educate” 100,000 of their employees, or merely “retrain” them? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Amazon announced they will spend $700 million dollars over the next six years retraining their frontline workers whose positions may be eliminated by automation. But should we consider this re-training to also be educating? Or will Amazon […]

What were the results from The University of Chicago’s test-optional admissions policy?

Last year, the University of Chicago announced it would drop their SAT requirement and offer test-optional admissions. The results? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, first-generation and low-income student commitments are up a whopping 20%, with between 10-15% of total incoming freshman taking advantage of the policy change and not submitting an SAT or ACT score. […]

How higher ed expectations affect enrollment patterns

What cultural expectations exist about college attendance? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the High School Longitudinal Study tracks student and parent expectations of college achievement over time. The findings? Student expectations for their future academic achievements are slightly increasing, with students assuming a high school diploma or GED to be the end of their education […]

Georgetown University Is Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry

Higher education leaders have begun recognizing the communication gap between the academic bubble and industry. What does business-oriented America expect in terms of the quality of employee they believe they’re getting from new graduates versus what they’re looking for? And once students throw those mortarboards in the air, can they hit the ground running with […]

How can skills mapping help prove the value of higher education?

How can skills mapping help prove the value of higher education? Reported by Education Dive, The University of South Florida is reverse-engineering online job descriptions in order to determine the skills gaps that exist within their existing degree program curriculum. This means utilizing job data to determine the most frequently requested skills from target occupations, […]

How to find the colleges and universities that best serve Latino students?

How can we find the college and universities that are best serving Latino students? Reported by Education Dive, the Seal of Execelencia from the Execelencia in Education group is attempting to shine a spotlight on those Latino-friendly institutions. Earning this designation is based upon several factors including existing Latino enrollment, retention and graduation metrics, financial […]

What if our degree programs were composed of stackable employer credentials?

What if our degree programs were composed of stackable employer credentials? Reported by Education Dive, Harold Washington College is partnering with Facebook for a co-branded digital marketing certificate program, one of 20 institutions to do so thus far. This push to partner with employers to ensure our graduates are gaining market-friendly skills is wonderful, but […]

Higher Ed Sees a $183.8 Million Investment Injection into Apprenticeship Training

How will a $183.8 million investment injection into apprenticeship training affect higher ed? Reported by EducationDive, twenty three institutions and university systems received apprenticeship funding from President Trump’s 2017 executive order to expand apprenticeships. Some employers see these apprenticeships as a great way to specifically train potential employees while vetting them. Some institutions see apprenticeships […]

George Mason University Develops Cloud Computing Bachelor’s with Amazon

George Mason University has developed a cloud computing bachelor’s degree in partnership with Amazon Web Services. Reported by Education Dive, along with Northern Virginia Community College, George Mason has created a seamless path to a four-year bachelor’s degree preparing students for their cloud computing career. This program includes curriculum that prepares students to earn additional […]

Bringing Lean Principles to Online Education at Minnesota State University Moorhead

Manufacturers and leaders in related fields often talk about “continuous improvement.” What could it mean for higher education if we brought these lean engineering principles into play to help continuously improve our online student experience? Dr. Jitendra Singh, Associate Professor at the School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership at Minnesota State University Moorhead, joined the […]

Who owns your online course IP?

Will online IP rules become a competitive advantage for some institutions? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, for your faculty who write textbooks, the IP is often clear. The textbook is theirs. But the online course they design? Who owns those materials? Determining these rules as an institution is important to catch up with the evolution […]

May the best male win

May the best male win. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, while a 2012 study revealed significant gender bias in hiring within biology and physics departments, a more recent study unfortunately shows more of the same. With these studies, resumes were submitted for roles with identical qualifications, yet with different first and last names. While the […]

Influencer Marketing at Illinois State University

Influencer marketing has become such a high-value marketing channel in the retail and e-commerce spaces. So why is it so underutilized in higher education? Megan Rolfs, Director of Marketing and Communications, Division of Student Affairs at Illinois State University, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about #YourRedbirdLife and the potential incredible role of […]

Behavioral economics “nudges” didn’t solve college undermatching problem

A behavioral economics “nudge” didn’t solve the college undermatching problem. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the long term results of a College Board study aimed at increasing high-ability low-income students’ applications to selective institutions came back ineffective. The goal was that by sending direct mail, emails and texts to these students about these more selective […]

The University of Wisconsin teaches its undergraduate professors to teach

The University of Wisconsin is teaching its undergraduate professors to teach. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, many college professors are subject matter experts, but have little to no teacher training experience. The University of Wisconsin is attempting to solve for this by incorporating educational research and teacher training into its graduate programs in […]

An International Enrollment Growth Crisis?

Do we have an international enrollment growth crisis? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, 83% of institutions cite the current visa-application process as a significant deterrent for international students, whose application and enrollment rates have declined for three years straight. More and more international students are now choosing more welcoming countries, selecting American institutions […]

Why universities are doubling down on literacy programs?

Why are universities doubling down on literacy programs for undergraduates? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, there can be an assumption that students have adequate reading skills by the time they get to college. The problem with that assumption is that many don’t. And therefore, their reading comprehension limitations are making course comprehension nearly […]

College enrollment declines 1.7% year-over-year

College enrollment declined 1.7% year-over-year. Reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, the only noticeable enrollment growth winner during this decline? 4-year private nonprofits, who grew 3.2% year-over-year. And where is this respective decline and growth coming from? Adult students, who are moving away from for-profit institutions (down 20% YOY), and toward non-profit institution options. […]

New online directory is showing students their alternatives to college

A new online directory is helping show students their alternatives to college. Reported by Education Dive, this Alternatives to College online directory is an attempt to help prospective students better understand their non-degree options that may be a better match for their current economic and timing situation, including bootcamps, apprenticeships, and more. The takeaway? Rather […]

Unbundling Faculty at the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus

Dr. Aaron Brower, Executive Director at the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus and Sr. Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University of Wisconsin System, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to discuss the difference between thinking about instructional teams vs. catch-all individual instructors. The Historical Context of an Unbundled Faculty Higher ed faculty […]

What are MOOC’s missing?

What are MOOCs missing? Reported by EdSurge, what these massive online open courses are missing is the individual support. It’s why MOOC completion rates are so dismal today. If you get stuck, and can’t figure something out yourself, where do you go from there? One MOOC through Case Western Reserve University is attempting to solve […]

Using Video Feedback to Improve Faculty’s Student Engagement

Video feedback is teaching faculty to become better instructors, not just better online instructors. Reported by EdSurge, many institutions are utilizing video capture tools like GoReact to video themselves delivering online instruction, in order to review, self-assess, and improve. And this exercise, now made easy through recent technology, is helping both online and on-ground professors […]

Women now make up more than 50% of leadership roles at University of Michigan’s College of Engineering

Women now make up more than 50% of leadership roles at University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, this move toward diversity was not a charitable one, but a competitive one. Institutional surveys at UM showed women faculty’s perception of campus culture was significantly worse than male faculty perceptions, […]

Mental health as an admittance factor

Could a student’s psychological challenges be seen as an admittance factor? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, New College at Florida was allegedly red-flagging applications from students who mentioned psychological challenges in their admissions essays for further review, and they are conducting an outside investigation. But this does bring up serious ethical and legal concerns about […]

Carnegie Mellon University launches learning engineering tools

Carnegie Mellon University has launched brand-new learning engineering tools and a community around them. Reported by EdSurge, Carnegie Mellon’s OpenSimon Toolkit is designed to help professors theorize new learning innovations, test their efficacy, and then share/scale the learning with the rest of higher ed – with hopes that by opening up these software tools, that […]

Will instructional software kill print textbooks?

Will instructional software kill print textbooks? Reported by EdSurge, in Bill and Melinda Gates’ annual letter, they claimed that “textbooks are becoming obsolete” due to instructional software that is quickly replacing them. Yet, in higher ed, 74% of textbooks are still accounted for by print-only and print-digital bundles. The takeaway? Until instructional software becomes a […]

Will the Online Evolution Create a New Market for Online Proctoring?

Will the online education evolution create a new market for online proctoring? Reported by EdSurge, Examity is a provider of live and automated proctoring services with more than 300 college and university customers looking to verify the identities of students taking exams. These verification technologies include facial recognition, biometric key stroke patterns, and eye movement […]

New Neuroscience Study Defends the Arts

A new neuroscience study is defending the arts? Reported by EdSurge, Johns Hopkins’ Neuro-Education Initiative is designed to help improve faculty’s understanding of both neuroscience and basic cognitive understanding in order to improve best-practice professorial pedagogy. The biggest learning coming out the initiative recently? The academic benefits of integrating arts within all programs to better […]

Remote faculty in online education

Online programs open up not only broader recruitment possibilities, but remote faculty opportunities as well. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, more and more institutions are experimenting with remote faculty for their online programs – faculty who work full-time from home, and potentially don’t even live in the same state as their campus. And now institutions […]

Champlain College fights for the promise of affordable online learning at scale

Last year, Champlain College slashed their online undergraduate tuition in half. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, since then, they’ve doubled their online enrollment. Across higher ed, online pricing has remained relatively similar to on-ground pricing for many reasons. One being that launching online programs can be extraordinarily expensive from a technology and curriculum development standpoint. […]

Upgrading faculty’s online teaching chops is an institutional problem

Upgrading our faculty’s online teaching chops is an institutional problem. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, many institutions offer “optional” training for faculty to upgrade their understanding of online best practice pedagogy. But these sessions often bring in very low attendance numbers. So, California’s Online Education Initiative for one is attempting to solve for that with […]

More Colleges are Piloting “Concierge”-Level Student Services for Online Learners

More colleges are piloting “concierge”-level student services for adult online learners. Reported by Education Dive, Sunday evening is an example of primetime schoolwork for adult learners, let most traditional student service operations are closed. So Winona State University created online office hours for these adult students. And Western Governors University has extended technical help hours […]

How to support mental well-being at our institutions

George Mason University is looking to better model how colleges and universities can support mental health in higher education. Reported by Education Dive, with 40% of incoming freshman reporting feeling overwhelmed, up from 28% in 2000, George Mason’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being is doubling down on mental health services, including streamlining counseling centers, […]

What does an apprentice starting salary at $60k mean for higher ed?

What does a starting salary of $60k for apprentices mean for higher ed? Reported by Education Dive, many employers are taking the lead on employee training and preparation by launching their own apprenticeship programs that combine classroom learning with on-the-job training. Employers are bullish on this employee preparation path because of the employee loyalty it […]

Higher ed is slashing foreign language programs in the midst of mass globalization

Higher ed is slashing foreign language programs in the midst of mass globalization. Reported by Education Dive, colleges and universities sunset 651 foreign language programs between 2013 and 2016. Perhaps under the incorrect assumption that the international business world is universally learning English, we also underestimate the massive power that the command of other languages […]

Reading, Video, and Arithmetic?

Reading, video, and arithmetic? Reported by EdSurge, video assignments are beginning to replace the college term paper, especially for online classes. And with digital video on YouTube and Netflix becoming a much more common and critical part of how we learn, does this macro-trend necessitate a skills-change in what we’re preparing our students for? The […]

The Future of Live-Online Education

Is there a future in live-online education? Reported by EdSurge, Minerva’s online teaching platform can now handle 400 live students at a time. The goal is that even for large online classes, a professor would be able quickly divide a large class into smaller groups for active learning experiences, mimicking the benefits of in-class active […]

Oberlin’s Enrollment Swap

Oberlin College is swapping conservatory students for liberal arts ones. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Oberlin College is shifting their enrollment goals, trimming 100 students from their music conservatory while adding 100 liberal arts students. This is because conservatory students bring in about $10,000 less than liberal arts students – due to the high market […]

Arizona State University Goes All-in on Corporate Partnerships with InStride

Arizona State University is going all-in on corporate partnerships. Reported by Education Dive, ASU has announced the launch of InStride, a platform designed to connect employers looking to offer education benefits. Already an industry leader when it comes to partnerships, ASU is looking to help move the industry more from student debt-funded financing to employer-funded […]

LabXChange: A MOOC Remix

Could MOOCs find new life if faculty could borrow from other courses to create their own? Reported by EdSurge, HarvardX’s founding faculty director, Robert Lue, is building a new platform called LabXChange designed to deliver on the promise of free education for all. The vision? Fully open source curriculum materials. The challenge? Getting universities and […]

How Harvey Mudd’s President is Solving the Gender Gap in Computer Science

How is Harvey Mudd College’s President helping solve the gender gap in computer science? Reported by EdSurge, President Maria Klawe’s intentional diversity and inclusion initiatives at Harvey Mudd College have helped raise the women-student ratio in STEM degrees from 30% to 50% during her tenure there. This approach required a strategic plan that focused on […]

California is Piloting Income-Share Agreements

California is the latest state to pilot income-share agreements. Reported by EdSurge, California’s Assembly Committee on Higher Education has approved a bill to pilot income-share agreements through the University of California systems and at California State University. These financial arrangements allow students to attend tuition-free, but require them to pay back a percentage of their […]

Incorporating bootcamps within our degree programs

Do we need to consider incorporating bootcamps within our existing degree programs? Reported by MarketWatch, many coding bootcamps are designed to quickly provide the practical skills to secure a good paying job. And many higher education degree programs focus on graduating well-rounded individuals, but potentially lacking on some hyper-practical entry level skills. So much so […]

The evolution of writing as a discipline

Students are writing more than ever before, but they’re still struggling deeply in college writing courses. Reported by EdSurge, many universities report issues with students passing introductory writing courses. The problem? Students are likely writing more than ever before in the history of the world – but primarily in abbreviated form via social posts and […]

Will free college end up a major issue in the upcoming election?

Will free college end up a major issue in the upcoming election? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke against the largely popular democratic party idea, claiming that he doesn’t like the idea of lower-class non-college attending tax payers subsidizing the education of higher-class college attendees. The takeaway? This nuanced […]

Boise State University Launches Netflix-Style Higher Ed Subscription Service

Boise State University has launched a Netflix-style higher ed subscription service. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Boise State’s Passport for Education program offers monthly installment plans instead of up-front fees each semester. This subscription-based model with an annual commitment aims to make budget planning easier, as well as psychologically help students to persist and retain […]

Tuition-Dependent Institutions Ignoring High-Need In-State Students

Are tuition-dependent state universities avoiding the high need in-state students they were designed to serve? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a new study from the Joyce Foundation shows that public universities all too often focus their out-of-state recruitment on rich, private and largely white high schools in order to increase their academic reputation and their […]

ASU’s Move Away from Lectures Toward Active Learning Has Increased their Graduation Rate by 18%

Arizona State University’s move away from big lecture classes and toward active learning has increased their graduation rate by 18 points. Reported by EAB, ASU’s new course design improvements incorporate active learning elements and adaptive learning software to help meet students where they are, and how they need help. The takeaway? How can we utilize […]

Harvard University Professor Softened Student Feedback

Dr. Goodman from Harvard University has a strategy for softening the emotional blow from some negative student evaluations. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dr. Goodman’s assistant summarizes the constructive criticism, and removes the “emotional intensity” from any specific critique. The concept is that the professor still receives the criticism, but without the personal […]

Cal State Gamify’s Student Services

Cal State University, Dominguez Hills is trying to gamify student services. Reported by Education Dive, students can earn prizes for both learning about and utilizing student support services. The goal is to improve first-year retention rates by incentivizing the acts of becoming informed about available campus support. The takeaway? Time will tell whether this gamification […]

How Innovation Can Improve Higher Ed Career Services Departments

A recent Strada study shows that 4 in 10 graduates are underemployed in their first job after college. Reported by Education Dive, University Innovation Alliance members are looking to improve that reality on their campuses in several ways, including making career exploration a key part of the first-year experience, better promoting career preparation resources, establishing […]

How a Classroom Mix-Up Forced One Teacher to Figure out How to Mass Scale Personalized Learning

How did a classroom mix-up force one professor to figure out how to mass scale personalized learning? Reported by EdSurge, when a 400-seat movie theater at San Francisco State University was no longer available for his Principles of Marketing course, Dr. Bruce Robertson had to figure out how to use technology instead so these students […]

How to Improve Higher Education Work-Study Programs

What if work-study programs didn’t only provide financial assistance for students, but actually prepared them for their future career paths, too? Reported by EdSurge, a new NASPA study shows that while work-study programs have high correlations with improved persistence and retention, there is still an opportunity for work-study programs to better improve more practical professional […]

Many Professors Want to Teach Differently, But Don’t.

Many professors want to teach differently, but don’t. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, The University of Virginia is looking into what’s preventing faculty members from adopting the new teaching practices they’re learning about, and excited about, from UVa’s Center for Teaching Excellence. The top and most obvious reason? Time. Re-building a curriculum is […]

Will Course Sharing Agreements Improve the Academic Experience?

Will course sharing agreements improve the academic experience? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, course share agreements among consortium partners mean that institutions can focus on their academic strong suits and leverage their consortium partner’s respective academic focal points to fill in their course gaps. That way, the students gets the very best from every institution […]

The Test-Optional Trend Continues

More and more institutions continue to move away from SAT and ACT admission requirements. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Creighton and Ferris State universities are the more recent to adopt and pilot (respectively) this trend – with the data-driven belief that a student’s academic record is a much stronger indicator of collegiate success than these […]

How to Develop Effective Employer Partnerships?

How can we develop effective employer partnerships? Reported by Education Dive, it’s about making sure we’re starting with the needs of the individual business. That we help them identify their skill gaps and their operational challenges, including recruitment and employee retention. And only then working collaboratively to develop an educational program that helps close those […]

When Institutions and Industry Collaborate

What if industry sponsored an institution’s research efforts dedicated to that industry? Reported by Education Dive, NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering’s new Institute of Design and Construction Innovations is fully supported by member construction industry firms and designed to provide them with innovation and research in construction, engineering, design and management. What a novel idea. […]

Determining a Student’s “Demonstrated” Interest in Enrolling

What can a student’s “demonstrated” interest tell you about their enrollment odds? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, more and more institutions are evaluating a student’s “demonstrated” interest by their online behavior, including email open rates, click throughs, time on site, etc. But more than just creating better enrollment forecasts with this additional predictive data, potentially […]

The University of Miami is Moving Away from MBA toward Specializations

A decline in MBA interest has institutions shifting to specializations. Reported by Education Dive, the University of Miami has added specializations in business analytics, finance and sustainable business to draw students concerned the traditional MBA isn’t relevant enough for their specific career ambitions. The takeaway? Know that your current top academic programs are just that. […]

What the Future of Work Means for the Future of Higher Education?

What does the future of work mean for the future of higher education? Reported by EdSurge, while technology and automation continue to change and threaten to change the future labor market, how can we make sure our institution’s curriculum stays relevant and forward-facing? The takeaway? Creativity, problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills are future-proof. So may […]

How to Scale Personalization in our Biggest Classrooms?

Two professors from the University of Connecticut have been trying to figure out how to personalize instruction in their 750-student anatomy and physiology course for years. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, these professors have begun incorporating active learning exercises within the course itself. These include the students moving to smaller classrooms for “breakout groups” to […]

The Rural Tax in Online Education

For many institutions, their online tuition can be considerably more than their on-campus price. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, this creates an ethical question for rural students, for whom online education is their only true option. While many assume online education costs less for the institution to provide, start-up costs as well as small class […]

International Graduate Enrollment Declines for Second Straight Year

International graduate enrollment has continued to decline for the second straight year. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, another 1% year-over-year drop has followed the prior year’s 1% drop. Immigration policy, visa policy, and America’s image issues for international prospects are all potential factors to account for this enrollment decline. The takeaway? For those institutions who […]

Does Tutoring Make Better Teachers?

When Shana Cooper, faculty at Harold Washington College, was tutoring in the writing lab, she ended up having to tutor one of her own students by accident, and had an epiphany. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, while faculty don’t typically tutor their own students in those writing centers, Cooper believes the experience can […]

University of Nebraska at Lincoln Experiments with 1-Hour Pop-Up Courses

While 3-credit hour courses are largely the higher ed standard, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln is experimenting more and more with 1-hour pop-up courses. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, these pop-up courses allow UNL students to explore 3 different emerging technologies, trends and topics, rather than picking just 1. Faculty claim the […]

Will Open Floor Plans Encourage Better Office Hours Engagement?

Will open floor plans encourage better office hours engagement? Reported by EdSurge, Cornell Tech, George Mason University and others are all experimenting with the idea of “hotel’ing” – giving faculty access to temporary space on campus, rather than a permanent walled-off office. Similar to in the business world, these open floor plans are specifically designed […]

Better ingredients. Better pizza. Purdue University?

Better ingredients. Better pizza. Purdue University? Reported by Education Dive, Papa John’s has partnered with Purdue University Global to offer free tuition to their 20,000 corporate employees. And their 70,000 franchise employees will also receive tuition and fee reductions as well. The takeaway? Yet another major company is partnering with a university to upskill their […]

Will Competency-Based Education Ever Go Mainstream?

The concept of getting credit for competency rather than classroom time is a wonderful one. Yet, reported by Education Dive, an American Institutes for Research and Eduventures survey indicates only 5% of institutions have at least one full Competency-Based Education (CBE) program. Many institutions claim that financial aid barriers, including regulations that govern what types […]

Do We Need to Talk About “Liberal Arts” Less When Selling the Value of Higher Education?

In a world where many are questioning the value of higher education, are we doing ourselves any favors with the language we use when defending it? Reported by Education Dive, this year’s Association of American Colleges and Universities conference focused on “reclaiming the narrative on the value of higher education”. One potential conclusion? That our […]

How CUNY Increased Diversity in their Graduate Programs

How can we increase under-represented demographics in our graduate programs? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, while non-white students are currently underrepresented in graduate school, receiving only 15% of doctorates while making up 30% of the population, City University of New York has created a Pipeline Fellows Program largely designed to better educate their […]

Denison University Reverse-Engineers Mentorship as Central to the Student Experience

With studies showing how much students value on-campus mentors, and how often they don’t have one, Denison University decided to build a system that encouraged these relationships. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Denison University freshman are paired with a professor at the very beginning of their college experience as part of a one-credit […]

Providing Online Faculty with Technical Support

While providing technical support for online students is essential, online faculty new to the modality often need a great deal of help as well. Reported by EdSurge, creating technical support systems for faculty new to online education is essential. From establishing communication lines with instructional designers, to facilitating online pedagogy training sessions and ongoing support, […]

NYU’s Medical School Move to Free Tuition Impacted Underrepresented Groups Most

Did NYU’s medical school move to free tuition last fall impact enrollment? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the answer is a big whopping yes, with applications increased by 47%, including a 102% increase from underrepresented groups. The takeaway? Future debt fears are very real scare factors for students – especially for low-income students and families. […]

Nudging Students into Better Study Habits

How can we nudge students into better study habits? Reported by EAB, Colorado State University’s Anne Cleary teaches an undergraduate course called “The Science of Learning” to help students understand data-driven strategies to optimize knowledge retention. These strategies include how spacing out study sessions is more effective than cramming, and that testing yourself on the […]

Do Universities Need to Launch an Internet of Things Degree?

Do institutions need to consider launching a new Internet of Things degree program? Reported by Campus Technology, with Amazon Echos and other smart devices, electronics and appliances taking over the modern household, curriculum or even a dedicated degree program that focuses on this kind of engineering and computer science may be warranted. The takeaway? Computer […]

The Fed Just Streamlined the Financial Aid Process. No, Really.

The Fed just streamlined the financial aid process. No, really. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Education Department has released guidance on new changes that give institutions more flexibility when verifying student’s financials. One significant change is that colleges are now able to accept signed tax returns, rather than tax transcripts, which can […]

While Undergraduate Students Value Mentors, Only 25% Have One

While undergraduate students highly value mentorship, only 25% actually have a mentor. Reported by EAB, the recent Strada-Gallup alumni survey shows the high student satisfaction value in mentorship, yet many students never develop this sort of relationship while on campus. The takeaway? How do we better connect our students with faculty and administrative mentors? Especially […]

The University of Rhode Island is Building Three New Innovation Campuses

The University of Rhode Island is building three new innovation campuses, dedicated to solving state needs. Reported by Education Dive, these three campuses are specifically designed to integrate academics with commercial products and businesses throughout the state, and catalyze new innovations, industries and growth. The takeaway? The State of Rhode Island recognizes what higher education […]

What Will 5G Mean for Higher Education?

What will 5G technology mean for higher education? Reported by EdSurge, NYC Media Lab predicts the fifth generation of wireless technologies could take immersive education to the next level – including holographic professors, seamless VR experiences, and clear connectivity for international students. The takeaway? Who at our institutions do we have investigating these new technologies, […]

The University of Kentucky’s Enrollment Strategy of Adding Fun, Non-Major Courses

While many institutions launch new degree programs as an enrollment growth strategy, are new non-degree courses an under-looked opportunity for many departments? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, The University of Kentucky’s English department noticed their courses at capacity were the ones popular with nonmajors, while senior-level degree-specific courses were under-enrolled. So they added sections of […]

Higher Ed’s Response to Amazon’s New HQ2 Headquarters

How is higher education responding to Amazon’s new HQ2 headquarters announcement? Reported by Education Dive, many institutions are quickly building out capacity in order to meet the educational needs of the 25,000 tech jobs Amazon estimates creating. Virginia Tech University announced plans to build out a 1-million square foot, 1-billion dollar Innovation Campus in Alexandria, […]

The Importance of Segmented Student Communications

We must stop talking to every single student the exact same way. Reported by Campus Technology, a new Eduventures study highlights the importance of understanding an individual student’s mindset when communicating to them. This research helps show how students have very different categorical outlooks to academia, including career-focused, experientially-focused, and academically-focused. The takeaway? All of […]

An Online Marketplace for Short-Term Student Internship Opportunities

Could micro-internships be an effective way to pay new grads for real-world job trials? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Parker Dewey’s online marketplace connects students with short-term internship opportunities, often between 5 and 40 hours long, and compensated at between $20 and $25/hour. The takeaway? With employers becoming more and more cautious to […]

Admissions Officers are Focusing More and More on Transfer Student Strategies

9 out of 10 admission officers consider transfer student recruitment a significant or moderate portion of reaching their overall enrollment growth goals. Reported by EAB, a new report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling shows an increase in transfer student efforts and strategies, including more transfer-specific admissions hires, a focus on community college […]

New Grocery Store Brings Healthy Meals and Campus Jobs to University of South Florida

The University of South Florida has opened a Publix grocery store on campus, providing students with groceries along with new employment and research opportunities. Reported by EAB, the on-campus Publix initiative is intended to make both grocery shopping and affordable healthy food options easier for students – and 50 of the new store’s associates are […]

Brigham Young University-Idaho Pioneers Certificate-First Pathway Program

For students who choose to enter the workforce before starting college, does it make more sense to flip our curriculum and provide students a practical vocation-related certificate prior to their general education courses? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Brigham Young University Idaho’s certificate-first online pathway program is focused on improving employability throughout one’s […]

Should Online Education Be More Affordable Than On-Campus?

Should online education have a different sticker price than an institution’s on-campus offering? Reported by EdSurge, institutions like Berklee College of Music and the University of Pennsylvania are cutting their online tuition because of the scale offered by online degrees. But many fear that separate pricing for online education reinforces the premise that online education […]

Best Practices for Teaching Online Synchronous

Teaching a live synchronous class via video requires very different best practices than either traditional or online. Reported by EdSurge, Dr. Bonni Stachowiak of Vanguard University recommends best practices like recommending your students all turn their webcams and microphones on, and take advantage of the “live” format to incorporate student participation and group activities like […]

Yale and Harvard Launch Coding Camps

Two more Ivy League institutions are getting into the bootcamp game. Reported by Education Dive, Yale’s summer session will offer a 10-week web development bootcamp. And Harvard is launching a 24-week part-time full-stack certificate program this Spring. The takeaway? While some institutions see bootcamps as threats to traditional higher education, other institutions are embracing them, […]

Discover Financial Services Employs Northern Illinois University Students On-Campus

Discover Financial Services is employing Northern Illinois University undergraduate students on-campus. Reported by Campus Technology, Discover has hired 36 students in Computer Science and Information Systems-related programs to work on mobile software and web applications on campus. Discover views this as a high-potential feeder group to find new star employees, and NIU appreciates the real-world […]

Online Course Sharing Consortium Lets Students Enroll in Partner Courses

For students looking to enroll in courses not currently available at their institution, they may now be able to take that single course online with another. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the Council of Independent Colleges has launched the Online Course Sharing Consortium, where students from participating institutions can take individuals courses not being offered […]

University of Memphis’ AutoTutor

In deep knowledge fields, cursory reading and passive listening to a lecture is often not enough to experience deep knowledge breakthrough. Reported by EdSurge, The University of Memphis’ AutoTutor is an attempt to engage students with multiple tutor agents who will debate each other, in order to intentionally create cognitive disequilibrium for the student, all […]

Drexel University’s Virtually Inspired Offers Free Online Instruction Best Practices for the Higher Ed Community

Drexel University has created an online hub called Virtually Inspired, with more than 100 case studies on how institutions across the country are doing online education well. Reported by Campus Technology, in 2016 Drexel University saw a problem with a lack of best practice online instruction and innovation, and decided to create a resource hub […]

Higher Ed IT Leaders Don’t Approve of Their Institution’s IT Investments

Turns out, higher Ed IT leaders don’t approve of their institution’s IT investments. Reported by Campus Technology, in a surprising finding from the Campus Computing Survey, only in one single area – student recruitment – do at least half of our IT leaders rate their institution’s IT investment as “very effective”. The takeaway? Few institutions […]

SC Codes Offers Free Coding Courses for All South Carolina Residents

South Carolina is now offering its residents free coding courses through their SC Codes program. Reported by Campus Technology, these online courses provide South Carolina residents basic knowledge in front-end and back-end web development, and the site itself attempts to connect course completers with potential job opportunities. The takeaway? This is starting to look like […]

Long Beach State University Crowdsources Innovation Ideas

What if you crowdsourced innovation ideas from your faculty and staff? Reported by EdSurge, Long Beach State University did just that, crowdsourcing 24,000 suggestions from their students, faculty and staff about the future of the university. Free tuition was a popular suggestion. But creative solutions also came out of this experiment regarding transportation, corporate partnerships, […]

MOOCs High Dropout Rate Because Students Don’t Care About Getting Credit?

Could MOOCs have so many drop-outs specifically because students don’t care about getting credit for them? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a new report out of Columbia University attempted to better understand the motivations of nondegree MOOC students, and the results indicate that the vast majority of these students already have a degree (80% already […]

Public Schools Progressively Prioritizing Out-of-State Students for Budgetary Reasons

With many public institutions now following private institutions’ tactics – recruiting out-of-state students with tuition incentives, this is helping cause the neediest freshman at ½ of these public universities to be paying more than 1/3 of their families’ income to attend. Reported by Education Dive, this is largely the result of significant gaps in state […]

Wichita State University Paying Students to Move to Kansas for Free Education and Guaranteed Job Placement

Wichita State University Tech, Kansas’ largest technical college, is partnering with the state to attract potential aviation workers with free relocation, free education, housing stipends, and guaranteed job placement. Reported by Education Dive, The Wichita Promise Move initiative is in the process of relocating 50 enrollees, 75% of whom come from outside Kansas, to receive […]

Designing a Smart Classroom at Indiana University that Doesn’t Look Different, But Acts Different

What if the smart classroom of the future doesn’t look all that different, but acts a whole lot different? Reported by Campus Technology, while much of smart room design prognostications focus on technological novelties, Indiana University’s smart classroom prototype – designed by their IT department after prioritizing the results from faculty focus groups – focuses […]

The first rule of higher ed data governance? It’s everyone’s data.

The first rule of higher ed data governance? It’s everyone’s data. Reported by Education Dive, panelists at the annual EDUCAUSE conference all reinforced the importance of establishing a strong data governance on campus, but focused on creating a culture where no single department “owns” data, but all help steward and inform the institution’s data. The […]

Marist College Launches Online Teaching Workshops

Reported by EdSurge, Marist College offers Online Teaching Workshops for their on-campus faculty to become more comfortable with the technology and pedagogical best practices of online instruction. From first assessing the faculty’s online skillsets, and then personalizing their training and development workshops to shrink their learning curve, Marist is committed to online faculty support. The […]

Will SNHU’s New Acquisition Finally Help Tip Digital Badges in Higher Education?

Will Southern New Hampshire University’s new acquisition finally help tip digital badges in higher education? Reported by Education Dive, SNHU’s acquisition of Chicago-based LRNG, a leader in game-based learning and digital badges, is an attempt to utilize community-based digital learning as competency-based credit for their College for America program. The takeaway? While stackable degrees and […]

Attracting an Activist Generation

With the current political climate and #MeToo movement helping women’s colleges experience record entering classes, enrollment coaches are reporting that more and more students are asking questions about the political culture of our respective institutions. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, while many institutions have historically tried to remain neutral and inclusive for students of all […]

Who Owns Student Outcomes?

Who owns student outcomes at your institution? Reported by Education Dive, 900 responses to an Educause Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) report show that often, no single unit owns student outcomes – and therefore, that creates a huge risk that no one does. While Institutional Research, Student Affairs, and Information Technology all commonly assume […]

Incentivizing Professional Development Through Credentialing

Would more people take professional development courses if they earned something for them beyond the knowledge itself? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, while certificates of completion from individual courses offer a nice sense of completion, if these courses were steps toward a larger or more recognized certification degree, would enrollment numbers increase? The takeaway? While […]

Cost-Cutting with Academics Off-Limits

On a cost-cutting mission, Drew University has put all academic expenses off limits. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, instead, Drew University has cut day care expenses, retiree health benefits, and public safety staff redundancies compared to peer institutions. The goal is to prioritize student-facing spending, and even launch various new academic programs to prioritize growth […]

More Universities are Offering Blockchain Diplomas

More and more universities are offering students their diplomas in the blockchain. Reported by Education Dive, rather than these transcripts being recognized and verified only by the registrar at these respective institutions, blockchain credentials allow students to have lifelong access to their credentials. The takeaway? As re-skilling and continual education certificates continue to grow in […]

New Report Suggests Less Barriers to Entry into College Than Many Think

NACAC’s annual “State of College Admissions” report helps dispel the myth that college is inaccessible. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the average 4-year college admits nearly 2/3 of their freshman applicants. This figure doesn’t even include community colleges, which are open admit. The takeaway? College is by no means “easy”, but is more attainable than […]

What Can Our Institutions Learn from Other States’ Adult Promise Programs?

What can our institutions learn from other states’ adult promise programs? Reported by Education Dive, The State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) has been exploring the efficacy of Adult Promise Programs, programs designed to improve completion rates for adult students. These include last-dollar promises (subsidizing those tuition costs financial aid does not cover), and […]

Encouraging Study Abroad Opportunities in a Progressively Global Economy

While international student enrollment continues to decline in America, study abroad participants are growing year over year. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a full 16% of those students earning bachelor’s degrees will study abroad at some point in their undergraduate career, with the number of American students studying abroad growing 2.3% in the past year. […]

Will AI Replace Teaching or Make Faculty More Human?

Will artificial intelligence replace teaching or make faculty even more human? Reported by EdSurge, Penn State University educators helped paint a picture at the EDUCAUSE national conference of how artificial intelligence and machine learning will help complement and support the work of faculty in the classroom. These include faculty using AI recommendation engines to discover […]

Computer Science Students Moving Beyond Coding

Reported by Inside Higher Ed, most computer science majors aren’t looking to code their entire lives. That’s why institutions like MIT are pushing their faculty members to become “bilinguals”, interdisciplinary specialists who have their feet in both computation and another discipline, better matching the real-world applications of computer science. The takeaway? With more and more […]

MIT Enters the AI Game

MIT is entering the AI Game. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is spending $1 billion on a new college devoted to the study of artificial intelligence – both the technologies AI will help create, and the ethical challenges those creations will entail. The takeaway? As AI continues to […]

UC Berkeley Holds First-Generation Career Conference

Reported by EAB, The University of California at Berkeley’s FirstGen program offers an annual career conference where their first-generation students can network specifically with first-generation alumni and employers, and receive both academic and career advice from graduates who have taken a similar path to themselves. The takeaway? For how much these mentor relationships increase our […]

Non-Lecture Format Test at Cal Poly Pomona Raised Pass Rate by 23 Points

A non-lecture format test at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona raised the pass rate of an upper-division engineering course from 66% to 89%. Reported by EAB, Professor Paul Nissenson enlisted the help of two professors from the institution’s psychology and sociology departments to try and increase student achievement for this required course that was causing […]

Can AI Help Penn State Students Find Their Fastest Path to Graduation?

Can artificial intelligence help students find their fastest path to graduation? Reported by Campus Technology, a  team of engineering students at Penn State University won a university competition and $30,000 to help finish developing their LionPlanner app, which uses machine learning to align a student’s career interests with their shortest path to degree completion, and […]

More Institutions are Outsourcing their Gen Ed Curriculum Design to…Google

More institutions are outsourcing their gen ends to…Google. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, students at eight institutions this semester can enroll in introductory computer science and data science courses, developed by Google. Students are excited to learn Google-specific curriculum. And employers (at least Google) will likely be excited to employ students who have taken this […]

Florida Atlantic University Dedicates a New Position to First-Generation Success

While many institutions have academic success and bridge programs for students who enter their institution at the low end of their admission requirements, Florida Atlantic University has just created a new support office, dedicated to first-generation students. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, about ¼ of the university’s students are first-generation, and the goal […]

New Wesleyan University MOOC Provides Career Counseling for Students

While many students have difficulty picturing exactly what their life will look like post-degree, it is of critical importance students understand their post-degree pathway as motivation to keep them moving through their degree program. Reported by EAB, Wesleyan University has created a Career Development MOOC in partnership with Coursera. Career Decisions: From insight to impact […]

What if Cities Saw Universities as Their Biggest Brain Trust?

What if cities saw universities as their biggest brain trust to solve their most pressing problems? Reported by Education Dive, Portland State University is attempting to become that, creating research centers for homelessness and smart city technology. PSU President Rahmat Shoureshi hopes to establish seven self-supporting centers on-campus in downtown Portland. The takeaway? How do […]

Do Free College Programs Actually Hurt the Lowest-Income Students?

Do free college programs actually hurt the lowest income students? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, studies examining tuition-free college programs in New York and Tennessee demonstrate that even “free college” programs don’t account for all the costs of attendance. “Last-dollar” programs, meaning those programs that only cover remaining tuition after federal and state aid have […]

Do Your Development Team Demographics Match Your Future Donors?

Do your development team demographics match your future donors? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, many colleges are rethinking how they staff their development offices to meet the fundraising needs of an increasingly diverse alumni and donor base. With only 11% of front-line fund raisers being persons of colors, according to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, […]

What Happens When a Big Donor Disagrees with a University Decision?

What happens when a big donor disagrees with a university decision? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Joshua Hunt’s latest book, University of Nike: How Corporate Cash Bought American Higher Education looks at Nike’s founder Phil Knight and his precarious relationship with The University of Oregon, as their top donor. The book details how Knight’s generous […]

Subaru Now Offering an Associate Degree

Reported by Education Dive, students can now earn an associate degree in automotive technology from… Subaru. In partnership with Mt. Hood Community College in Oregon, upon graduation students will be connected with Subaru dealerships in the state for additional hands-on training and a job offer. The takeaway? Employers are looking for qualified workers, and many […]

25 Illinois Colleges are Working Together to Solve Graduation Rate Disparity

Reported by EducationDive, a 2017 National Student Clearinghouse Research Center report showed that white students in Illinois have a 6-year graduation rate of 66%, compared to 36% of black students, and 48% of Latino students. In response, 25 public and private institutions in Illinois launched the Illinois Equity in Attainment Initiative designed to eliminate racial […]

Can Behavioral Economics Motivate the Online Learner?

Can behavioral economics improve the study habits of online learners? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a study distributed by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows many research attempts to “nudge” students into behavioral modification aren’t creating meaningful academic improvements. These interventions have included personalized faculty communications, incentivizing additional study time and group work, and […]

Six More Institutions are Partnering with edX to Offer Affordable Online Master’s Degrees

Six more institutions are partnering with edX to offer affordable online master’s degrees. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, edX is launching nine new degree programs with institutions including Indiana University, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of California San Diego, and Arizona State University. Two of these degrees price in at $10,000k or […]

Fertility Trends and the Increased Importance of the Non-Traditional Learner

Reported by EAB, Carleton College economist Nathan Grawe predicts that the traditional college-age population in the U.S. will drop by 15% between 2025 and 2029. Specifically, this trend correlates to the reduction of children born in the 4-year period following the Great Recession in 2008, due to financial uncertainty. The takeaway? The pursuit of non-traditional […]

China’s Attempt to Buy its Way into American Higher Education

Can a U.S. college still be classified as such if they’re owned by China? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Chinese companies are actively attempting to buy U.S. colleges and universities, including most recently, Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. Concerns from faculty, donors and others include that Chinese corporations owned and controlled by the […]

Rhode Island is Paying Students to Apply to College

Rhode Island has started paying students to apply to college. Reported by EAB, the Rhode2College program is designed to provide low-income students with incentives for completing college discovery tasks – the majority of the $2,000 maximum incentive being granted after starting college. These tasks include creating a college short-list, completing federal aid forms, and submitting […]

Florida State University Holds On-Campus Thanksgiving for First-Generation Students

Stuck on campus for Thanksgiving? If you’re a first-generation student at Florida State University, that’s no problem. Reported by EAB, FSU’s Center for Academic Retention and Engagement cook and eat with FSU students stuck on-campus for the holidays due to monetary or family issues. The takeaway? To make sure the students you worked so hard […]

UC-Irvine Forgoes the Lecture Hall for Their New Active Learning Building

UC-Irvine is forgoing the lecture hall in exchange for a new campus building entirely devoted to active learning. Reported by EAB, this 65,000 square foot structure includes 15 smart classrooms and auditoriums, with screens on every wall and flexible furniture designed to better accommodate group learning. UC-Irvine is also requiring their faculty complete an eight-week […]

From Instructional Designer to Learning Engineer

Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Northwestern University has recently hired three learning engineers. Distinct from instructional designers, these learning engineers conduct analytical research and drive technological change at the program level, while Northwestern’s instructional designers are often focused on building individual courses. The takeaway? While “instructional designer” has served as a helpful catch-all word to […]

The Secret to Student Engagement Is…Religious Affinity?

Is the secret to student engagement…religious affinity? Reported by EAB, 190,000 survey responses from the Wall Street Journal ranked colleges and universities on their student engagement, including how challenged and inspired students feel on campus. The top 5 scoring institutions (and 8 of the top 11) were religiously affiliated, including Dordt College, Oklahoma Baptist University, […]

St. Mary’s College of Maryland Incorporates Career Development into Their Courses

Can students get a degree without ever knowing what’s next after graduation? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, even though a STEM field like Physics feels pretty safe’ish from a career perspective, the American Physical Society announced a $2.2 million effort devoted to helping students better understand their employment and career path possibilities post-degree. […]

Top 7 Challenges Facing Higher Education

What are the biggest challenges facing higher ed? 2,000 faculty shared their top 7. Reported by EAB, 2,000 college and university faculty were surveyed on the biggest issues they’re facing at their own institution. These rank, in order, insufficient funding, maintaining or increasing academic standards, decreased enrollment, student retention, staffing, completion, and graduates not being […]

The Enrollment Growth Strategy of Price-Matching

If you can’t beat them, match them. Reported by EAB, several private institutions have introduced tuition price-matching programs. For example, beginning next Fall, qualified students can attend Oglethorpe University for the same tuition and fees rate as their home state’s flagship institution. Some institutions like Robert Morris University even offer a price-match plus option, providing […]

The Year of the Women’s College

It’s the year of the women’s college. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, more and more students are intentionally choosing women’s-only colleges. For instance, Bryn Mawr College has experienced a 8% increase in applications since 2016, and Barnard College, a 10% increase. Theories include the strength of the #MeToo movement, and a greater cultural focus on […]

Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Academic Enhancement

Is virtual reality ready to provide students with a more immersive learning experience? Reported by Campus Technology, in a pilot program by Berkeley College, 79% of students reported feeling more engaged with the course materials when using VR apps. These interactions included international business students virtually visiting North Korea, and an entrepreneurship class getting pitched […]

Scaling Motivation is Crucial to Democratizing Higher Education

Knowledge is progressively becoming free. But education isn’t. When I entered higher education nearly 10 years ago, I did so because I believed we were at the precipice of the democratization of higher education. That self-paced AI-assisted high-quality education was a pin-drop away from truly revolutionizing higher education. And my biggest wakeup call over this […]

Capital University Provides Tuition Discounts for Mission-Centric Families

Good guys actually finish first, or at least their children can now get ½ off their tuition. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Capital University has launched their “Good Guarantee”, offering ½-price tuition for undergraduates whose families have chosen “mission-centric” careers in nonprofit and public-service work. The takeaway? There are many different strategies for promoting your […]

Are Apprenticeships an Underlooked Solution to Higher Ed Degree Completion?

Could apprenticeships be a strong alternative for RNs to obtain their BSN? According to a new report by New America, hospitals with more BSN’s do generate better patient outcomes, but asking RN’s to get their degree while working full-time is admittedly difficult. That’s what’s so appealing about the promise of nursing apprenticeship programs. These apprenticeships […]

Why You Should Be Bullish on Higher Ed’s Ability to Innovate

For those who say higher ed is slow to innovate, we sure are making some serious progress in higher ed, folks. We’re utilizing new technologies, and we’re seriously questioning them. We’re experimenting with micro-grants for our financially struggling students to keep them persisting to graduation. We’re exploring the affordability of open educational resources, and the […]

Do Higher Ed Tuition Resets Actually Lead to Enrollment Growth?

Do tuition resets actually reset an institution’s enrollment growth trajectory? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, The University of the Cumberlands will cut their on-campus undergraduate tuition by 57% next year, from a $23,000 sticker price down to $9,875. Like many tuition resets, this one mostly impacts the university’s discount rate, with students actually saving $1,298 […]

How Will Employer-Sponsored Tuition Transform Higher Ed?

Will higher education as an employment benefit transform higher ed? With more and more global companies like Disney, Walmart and Amazon offering relatively free college for their employees (for specific programs and through specific institutions), will this employer-sponsored model change how adults seek to degree complete? The takeaway? As national employers begin to take education […]

Open Educational Resources Save Ohio University Students $1 Million in Textbooks This Year

65% of students decided not to buy a textbook because it was too expensive, even though they expected it to diminish their grade. Reported by Education Dive, while textbook costs continue to create a financial burden for higher ed students, Ohio University’s campaign for their faculty’s adoption of Open Educational Resources is expected to save […]

How Temple University’s Fly in 4 Programs Keeps Students In Class Instead of At Work

Could small grants be a smart economic solution to replace the earnings from part-time jobs and ensure our first-generation students persist? Reported by EAB, Temple University’s “Fly in 4” initiative is designed specifically to reduce students’ reliance on part-time employment earnings. At Temple, students working more than 15 hours a week at off-campus jobs had […]

How to Personalize Online Education Without Artificial Intelligence

In discussions about “personalized learning” in online education, the conversation often turns toward artificial intelligence and the promise of self-paced learning. And those conversations are absolutely exciting. But there is another aspect of personalized learning in online education that often gets overlooked. The actual person. And their interactions with other persons. Where we move from […]

University of Texas at Dallas Adds Quickbooks Bootcamp to Accounting Program

Would an accounting bootcamp teach students how to use Quickbooks? Reported by EdSurge, accounting courses at the University of Texas at Dallas teach students classroom theory, and then practice applying that theory using real-life work scenarios via the popular accounting software, Quickbooks. Rather than graduating students who understand advanced theory but don’t know how to […]

Dual Enrollment Programs are Saving Students a Semester of College

Do dual enrollment programs improve a student’s likelihood to graduate? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, 61% of students who enter the University of Texas System are now bringing college credit with them, through dual-enrollment credit and/or Advanced Placement credit. These students who enroll at UT with existing credit have a higher retention rate, and are […]

Students Aren’t Afraid of the Academics, But They’re Still Afraid They Won’t Finish

For students who aren’t confident they’ll complete their degree, it’s not necessarily the academics themselves they’re nervous about. Reported by EdSurge, nearly a quarter of students 18 and older currently enrolled at a 2- or 4-year institution believe it will be difficult for them to finish their degree. From a study conducted in partnership with […]

Micro-grants as Stop-Out and Drop-Out Prevention at University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Are micro-grants a solution to student stop-outs and drop-outs? Reported by the Hechinger Report, 70% of students who leave UNC-Charlotte late in their program do so for financial reasons. In response, the university has created Gold Rush micro-grants (typically around $1,500) to help students stay enrolled. And 95% of these micro-grant recipients have either successfully […]

Paying Faculty More to Teach Online at Colorado Mesa University

For institutions who struggle persuading their full-time instructors to start teaching online, one university found a creative solution. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Colorado Mesa University incentivizes their instructors based on the number of students and the total number of credits hours enrolled in their online courses. Even with enrollment caps in place on these […]

Incorporating Information Literacy into Higher Ed Course Curriculum

How can we help students fight fake news by teaching them information literacy? In an article by The Chronicle of Higher Education, David Gooblar from the University of Iowa provided advice on how to incorporate information literacy into your courses. His advice includes partnering with your librarians on-campus to incorporate learnings in your classroom, teaching […]

Princeton University’s Principedia is Response to Anonymous Course Review Sites

Students continue to utilize course review sites like RateMyProfessors.com to share their course experiences, determine a course’s difficulty, and learn a professor’s hot-or-not’ness before enrolling. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Princeton University in response has published a more transparent and comprehensive student review of courses, through a forum they’ve named Principedia. Any Princeton […]

Fayetteville State University Adjusts Physical Campus Space Due to Online Student Migration

As higher ed’s student body begins to migrate more and more online, how do our physical on-campus spaces need to adjust? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, Fayetteville State University is demolishing two unoccupied dormitories. But it’s not because Fayetteville State is struggling from an enrollment perspective – it’s simply that their student body […]

Rutgers University Study Shows Link Between In-Class Device Use and Poorer Test Performance

Do laptops and mobile devices help students in the classroom, or distract them? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a recent study from Rutgers University was published in Educational Psychology, revealing a causal link between cellphone and laptop use during class and poorer exam scores. Testing student performance against themselves, 118 students were split into two […]

Eastern Michigan University’s In-State Tuition Price Match for International Students

For years, colleges and universities welcomed full-pay international students to help balance out their traditional student tuition discount rate. But with a downtrend in international student interest due to changes in the political climate, some institutions are changing their pricing structure to attract more international students. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Eastern Michigan University has […]

Vanderbilt University’s Qualitative-Based Faculty Assessments

Vanderbilt University is trying to determine if the qualitative portion of faculty assessments can be better utilized to identify outlier faculty – both your highest and lowest performers. Reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Vanderbilt University’s findings were that in order to identify your best and worst professors for any given course, you need […]

University of Michigan’s Subscription-Based Continuing Education

Does a degree you earned 10-20 years ago continue to provide you with real-world relevance? Many institutions are attempting to solve this continuing learning puzzle for their graduates. Reported by The Washington Post, the University of Michigan is offering a subscription-based program that allows their graduates to continue to take courses there, forever. The takeaway […]

Helix Education Brings Home More Bling at 33rd Educational Advertising Awards

Helix’s award-winning in-house creative team brought home more bling for our partners, winning Silver and Merit prizes at the 33rd Annual Educational Advertising Awards. Congratulations to (L to R) David “Sparky” Mortimer, Chris Winkler, Peter Anglea, Hayley Westwood, and Brennan Wall. Silver: Huston-Tillotson University :30 TV Commercial Merit: National Louis University Search Site

No One Institution Needs to Create Emerging Learning Technology Alone

No one institution needs to create emerging learning technology alone. Reported by EducationDive, The CoAction Learning Lab, led by Penn State University is a group of 19 public and private colleges dedicated to sharing open license learning resources and pooling knowledge so all member institutions can get better faster. The takeaway? Our institutions don’t have […]

2 easy ways to protect your college or university brand from the wrong side of the internet

A beautiful ad for your institution. On-brand. On-message. Carefully concepted. Beautifully designed. And sitting on a website full of inflammatory hate speech. More and more colleges and universities are receiving complaints about ads promoting their institution being served and seen on offensive websites. And the outcry from the complainer is often about why on earth […]

Helix Education Explores Game-Changing Enrollment Growth Strategies in New Playbook Industry Conversations, Considerations and Research Shape Helix Education's Expanded, Step-by-Step Guide to Adult Enrollment Success

The first volume of Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth Playbook sparked thoughtful and critical conversations at institutions around the country, and was lauded as ‘a powerhouse of knowledge’ and ‘must read’. Today, Helix is proud to share the next evolution of its thinking with the release of its expanded playbook. The newest version brings to light […]

Are you A/B testing or A/B hedging?

Marketers often do not want for ideas. Conversations around the creative table often yield a number of different directions a single campaign could go. Thus, the idea of A/B testing seems inherent in the DNA of marketers. But unfortunately, what ends up happening often is that marketers, so close to their babies (ideas), really end […]

You want your goals to produce results, but by addressing symptoms instead of causes, you’re only scratching the surface. Set your sights on what you ultimately hope to achieve instead of focusing first on what you think you need.

Higher Ed’s problem with short-sighted goals

It’s goal-setting time at your institution, and the following ideas float around the table: “We need a new brand!” “We need a new program!” “We need a new website!” While these things may be true, it’s likely that what you really need is more students. You’ve gone through the process—you’ve identified weaknesses in your higher […]