Helix Webinar Features More than Three Decades of Insights and Best Practices on Enrolling and Supporting Non-Traditional Students Webinar to Focus on Understanding and Connecting with Non-Traditional Students in Order to Drive More Meaningful Inquiries and Sustainable Starts

The rise of non-traditional students is real, and to compete for these students institutions need to deliver the right message to the right student on the right channel at the right time at the right price. With more than three decades of experience enrolling and supporting non-traditional students, Helix Education’s May 16th webinar will deliver […]

Helix Education and Inside Higher Ed Release Findings from Enrollment Growth Predictions Research College and University Presidents Weigh in on Business, Financial, and Political Issues; Findings Reveal Continued Concern for Meeting Enrollment Targets

The results are in from the 2017 Survey of College and University Presidents, and the study concluded that more than eight in ten presidents are concerned about having enough institutional aid to enroll future graduates, as well as enrolling their college’s target number of undergraduates. These findings are among the many enrollment growth related insights […]

Confessions of a reformed dataphobe

As a higher ed faculty member, my cognitive dissonance toward the term “big data” was palpable. My body would stiffen and my arms would fold when discussing the use of student data to increase enrollment or support academic performance. Although my background in research instilled in me great respect for inquiry and data — as […]

The State of Higher Ed Data-Driven Decision Making Gets the Spotlight in Helix Education’s Latest Webinar Presentation to Explore Ways to Leverage Technology and Data Intelligence to Make Better Enrollment, Marketing, and Retention Decisions

Collecting data intelligence is an integral strategy for most higher ed decision makers, but how that data is used within the institution is often times another story. Helix Education’s upcoming enrollment growth webinar will address the state of data-driven decision making in higher education, including tactics and technologies to apply data in ways that can […]

Helix welcomes new VP of Product Management, Matt McKillen

From high-stakes software implementations with colleges and universities to global product launches, Matt McKillen’s EdTech experience runs deep. As Helix Education’s new Vice President of Product Management, Matt is playing a key role in positioning the company’s enrollment growth solutions in the market. He is managing the entire product lifecycle, from vision and concept to […]

Join us February 7th for: Growing in Today’s Higher Ed Landscape

Grow enrollments. Grow programs. Serve students. Thrive. These are the things higher ed institutions are charged with, all within the new realities in today’s economic landscape. A landscape marked by changing student demographics, changing instructional modalities, and a changing business. That’s why Helix Education developed the Enrollment Growth University Webinar series—to provide a step-by-step roadmap to adult student enrollment […]

Helix Education Releases Step-by-Step Guide to Adult Enrollment Success Helix’s Enrollment Growth Playbook Marks the Largest Collection of Adult Enrollment Growth Strategies Ever Released

There’s no doubt that institutions looking to grow in today’s competitive higher education market face significant challenges. Adult learners have taken their place as the new traditional students, bringing to the classroom a very different set of needs. Technology is changing at break-neck speed. College dropout rates are hovering near 50%. In an environment marked […]

Helix Showcases High-Touch, Faculty Focused Online Course Design Model at OLC Innovate Academic and Instructional Design Experts from Helix Education and Thomas More College Present Strategies to Put Faculty at the Center of the Course Development Process

As higher education institutions look to embrace innovations in online learning, questions continue to surface about how they can best support and empower faculty to become comfortable and confident in the online course design process. At this week’s OLC Accelerate Conference, academic and instructional thought leaders from Helix Education and Thomas More College (TMC) will […]

Helix Education and Brenau University Present “Meet the Institutions and Post Traditional Students of Tomorrow” at AAACE Thought Leaders Explore Shift in Learner Demographics and How Institutions Will Have to Adapt Their Marketing, Enrollment, and Retention Strategies as a Result

It is predicted that nearly 10 million adult learners will enroll in higher education by 2022, a number which marks a significant shift in learner demographics that promises to impact institutional technologies and processes across the student lifecycle. In “Meet the Institutions and Post Traditional Students of Tomorrow” at this week’s AAACE Conference, leaders from […]

Why Enrollment Marketing is Not Just About Getting a Student in the Door Learn More at the AACRAO SEM Conference

When AACRAO launched the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Conference more than 25 years ago, enrollment marketing was a much different animal. As AACRAO notes, enrollment management has evolved from simply ramping up recruitment and marketing, to coordinating campus-wide efforts to ensure student success, from initial contact until graduation. Enrollment management is no longer about getting […]

Research: Conducting Market Research for New Program Development and Efficient Growth

As competition grows among higher education institutions, acquiring market share becomes more difficult, and therefore more valuable. For colleges and universities, one of the main avenues of market growth is new program development. However, many leaders encounter inefficiencies, such as wasteful spending and low program enrollment, in their pursuit of creating a robust and profitable […]

National Symposium on Student Retention Features Helix’s “Recruit to Retain, Retain to Recruit” Session Helix Showcases Data-Driven Recruitment and Retention Strategies to Maximize Enrollment Growth

In response to the nationwide college dropout epidemic, Helix Education’s VP of Retention Services Sarah Horn will provide key insights into the retention of students at the National Symposium on Student Retention. Her session, “Recruit to Retain, Retain to Recruit: Using Data to Complete the Other Half of Your Enrollment Growth Story,” will build the […]

Research: Media Expenditures Budgeting in Higher Ed

Marketing department media expenditures have been an important topic in student recruitment operations for more than 20 years. During the past decade, higher education providers have experienced a dramatic shift from print to electronic media as the main driver of their marketing operations. The resulting increase in electronic media expenditures has added a layer of […]

Helix Explores Power of Data-Driven Relationships in Eduventures Summit Session EdTech Experts to Discuss the Importance of Data as the Foundation for Building Personalized Connections with Students, Improving Outcomes and Enrollment Growth

Many institutions today are looking to data to integrate and scale their marketing, enrollment, and retention activities, yet data alone is only half of the equation. Leaders from Helix Education will be speaking at the upcoming Eduventures Summit in Boston, exploring trends in data usage and powerful ways it can support personalized relationship building to increase […]

Research: Customer Relationship Management in Higher Ed

Customer relationship management is a critical component of an institution’s enrollment operations process. Increased competition and tightening budgets have led to a growing need for efficient and effective customer relationship management systems. Many education providers have developed external partnerships to meet this need. Helix Education and the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) have […]

New study reveals major opportunity for data-driven decision making about program development, marketing, enrollment, and retention services

According to new research published last week by Helix Education and UPCEA, 83% of higher education professionals have no knowledge of the cost-per-inquiry of their most effective marketing channel for undergraduate inquiry, and more than half made the same indication for graduate inquiry. Additionally, less than half of higher education professionals go through a formalized […]

What Does the Roadmap to Change in Today’s Higher Education Institution Look Like?

Traditionally, student lifecycle functions have lived in silos across an institution’s organizational structure. Yet, we are starting to see some overlap. There is an increasing need for administrators, program leaders, faculty and others to work more collaboratively to reinforce both the program growth goals of the institution and the teaching and learning objectives of staff […]

Helix’s Seth Odell is Joined by Abilene Christian University ‘s Jay Goin to Lead One University, One Voice at UPCEA South

The competitiveness of the higher education industry has led many institutions to pursue a new brand strategy as a means to break through the noise and increase enrollments. Yet, can branding truly solve an enrollment problem? In an insightful breakout session at the UPCEA South Annual Conference, Helix Education’s Seth Odell and Abilene Christian University’s […]

Helix Education and Golden Gate University Address the Monumental Shift in Learner Demographics at UPCEA West

The post-traditional learner population is booming and bringing substantially different demographics and demands to higher ed institutions. With 8.7 million adult learners enrolled in higher education today, and a projected 10 million by 2022 (as forecasted by Eduventures), institutions are challenged to offer the most relevant programs, deliver them in the most flexible way, and […]

Humanize your enrollment funnel for the post-traditional student by getting a little personal

According to the Direct Marketing Association, personalized marketing has become the most important objective of a data-driven marketing strategy. And in today’s appeal to the post-traditional student, higher ed institutions would do well to get a little personal. It is scarcely news that today’s higher ed landscape has become saturated by the post-traditional student (or […]

Colleges and Universities Partnering with Helix Education Achieve 40 Percent Greater Applicant-to-Start Conversion Rate Targeting right-fit students and leveraging Helix’s proprietary student lifecycle technology throughout the enrollment funnel drive these impressive results

According to new data, Helix Education has found that its OPM model, used to attract and enroll post-traditional students, empowers colleges and universities to achieve a 40 percent greater application-to-start rate than the Eduventures-reported industry average of 16.7 percent. These impressive results are testament to Helix Education’s focus on outreach to those students who are […]

Practice does not make perfect: 3 myths keeping you from Peak enrollment performance

Why are some colleges attracting and enrolling more students than others? Are they inherently better? Do they have more experience? Are they working twice as hard as everyone else? The answer to these questions, likely, is no. These institutions aren’t doing anything superhuman, they’re just approaching their craft deliberately. As the world’s best athletes gather […]

Helix Education Leads “Recruit to Retain, Retain to Recruit” at Campus Technology 2016

Institutions Learn How to Apply Retention Data to Recruit the Most Ideal Prospective Students Enrollment growth metrics become much more powerful when the students enrolling are also being retained through graduation. Yet, often times colleges and universities find that their recruitment and retention efforts are operating independently. In an insightful session at this week’s Campus […]

How Does Relevancy Boost Results? Helix Keynote Explores Winning Enrollment Marketing Strategies with Kansas Educators

Today kicks off the Kansas Independent College Association (KICA) Conference, and educators are in for full day of noteworthy and motivating speeches and sessions. As KICA points out, public, media, and legislative audiences are demanding more and more information on college inputs and outcomes. It’s never been more important that these institutions not only develop […]

Helix Education earns exclusive “Google Premier Partner” status

As a newly-deemed Google Premier Partner, Helix now holds a distinct advantage in higher education enrollment marketing. With roughly 30 years of experience driving enrollment growth, Helix Education joins an exclusive group of partner companies granted unprecedented recognition of performance, certification, and quality of work. While Helix has long enjoyed a Certified Partner relationship with […]