Do colleges have the financial reserves for creative tuition policies?

Do colleges have enough financial reserves for creative tuition policies this fall? Reported by EdSurge, while institutions are doing everything they can to retain the students who were originally planning on fall, they’re also thinking about other incentives they’ll likely need to offer to make their class. Tuition freezes and discounts? Financial aid increases? One […]

A COVID Gap Year

Will a COVID gap year end up being an all too common note on student’s resumes and transcripts moving forward? And if so, how can students make the most of their gap story? Through internship opportunities? Service work? Creative exploration? Getting some Gen Eds out of the way? The takeaway? For those individuals wanting to […]

Adult-serving institutions are being hit the hardest

Are adult-serving institutions being hit the hardest right now? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, federal coronavirus relief aid was distributed based on full-time equivalent (FTE) students instead of total student head count. That means that Amarillo College, serving 10,000 undergraduate students in the Texas panhandle received the same relief dollars as Brown University, […]

The hardest courses to teach online

What have the hardest courses to teach online been? Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, many faculty have struggled with recreating the intimacy of the small discussion-based seminar online. The first instinct may be to try and recreate this intimacy through live ZOOM classes. But many pedagogical experts believe that asynchronous models may be […]