Non-Lecture Format Test at Cal Poly Pomona Raised Pass Rate by 23 Points

A non-lecture format test at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona raised the pass rate of an upper-division engineering course from 66% to 89%. Reported by EAB, Professor Paul Nissenson enlisted the help of two professors from the institution’s psychology and sociology departments to try and increase student achievement for this required course that was causing […]

Can AI Help Penn State Students Find Their Fastest Path to Graduation?

Can artificial intelligence help students find their fastest path to graduation? Reported by Campus Technology, a  team of engineering students at Penn State University won a university competition and $30,000 to help finish developing their LionPlanner app, which uses machine learning to align a student’s career interests with their shortest path to degree completion, and […]

More Institutions are Outsourcing their Gen Ed Curriculum Design to…Google

More institutions are outsourcing their gen ends to…Google. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, students at eight institutions this semester can enroll in introductory computer science and data science courses, developed by Google. Students are excited to learn Google-specific curriculum. And employers (at least Google) will likely be excited to employ students who have taken this […]

Florida Atlantic University Dedicates a New Position to First-Generation Success

While many institutions have academic success and bridge programs for students who enter their institution at the low end of their admission requirements, Florida Atlantic University has just created a new support office, dedicated to first-generation students. Reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education, about ¼ of the university’s students are first-generation, and the goal […]

New Wesleyan University MOOC Provides Career Counseling for Students

While many students have difficulty picturing exactly what their life will look like post-degree, it is of critical importance students understand their post-degree pathway as motivation to keep them moving through their degree program. Reported by EAB, Wesleyan University has created a Career Development MOOC in partnership with Coursera. Career Decisions: From insight to impact […]