Is your campus ready to go vegan?

Is your campus ready to go vegan? Reported by Education Dive, the University of North Texas and the University of California, San Diego both have all-vegan dining halls, designed through evolving student demand with a growing preference for plant-based eating. Other institutions have “Meatless Monday” programs, plant-based food trucks, and are increasingly shifting their menus […]

Employee Upskilling Initiatives at Google

Americans need digital skills to get ahead. To provide those skills, Google launched Grow with Google in 2017, and so far the program has trained more than three million Americans on digital skills. Through a network of 5,000-plus partner organizations, including schools, nonprofits, and local libraries, more people are getting the skills, connections, and opportunities […]

SNHU’s new transfer partnership with Pennsylvania community colleges

What happens when your state’s community college system makes an enormous transfer agreement with an out-of-state private institution? Reported by Education Dive, students from Pennsylvania’s 14 community colleges will now be able to transfer up to 90 credits to Southern New Hampshire University and complete their degree for $288 per credit hour, a 10% discount […]

First-gen students feel greater sense of belonging at 2-year schools

Reported by Education Dive, a recent analysis of federal data showed that both first-generation and underrepresented minority students attending community colleges feel a greater sense of “belonging” than at 4-year colleges. The takeaway? A student’s sense of “belonging” is a feeling we can greatly impact. And if we are committed to student persistence and success, […]

Maximizing Online Student Engagement During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Faculty and school officials are currently scrambling to put together learning continuity plans during COVID-19 campus closures.  We invited Dr. Perry Samson, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor at University of Michigan, to join the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about engaging your live, in-person classes online during campus closures due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). How the […]