Are educational podcasts the next MOOCs?

Are educational podcasts the next MOOCs? Reported by EdSurge, there is a growing subculture of educational podcasts run by academics outside of their office university responsibilities, often from those who want a larger audience than their university classroom provides. These podcasts provide a fascinating platform to go off-curriculum, while digging deeper into their personal passions, […]

Student-Centric AI

Like nearly every other industry, higher ed is starting to feel the effects of AI. What do we need to know about the future of AI in higher education? J Scott Christianson, Assistant Teaching Professor at University of Missouri, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about why we should be both bullish and […]

McDonalds’ Archways to Opportunity Internal Education Services

How should enterprise organizations help their employees navigate upskilling opportunities and career advancement? Reported by PR Newswire, McDonalds’ new Archways to Careers app is designed to help employees identify potential career opportunities, and be mapped to a student coach to help support their educational plan. These paid educational offerings could include earning their GED, learning […]

Are colleges overly focused on a student’s first job vs. their career?

Are colleges overly incentivized on helping students get their first job versus preparing them for the rest of their careers? Reported by Education Dive, only 50% of employers are even listing “required majors” on Handshake, a career services platform specifically designed for new graduates. More and more of these employers are looking for skills, and […]