George Mason University Launches Amazon-Partnered Cloud Computing Degree

Should higher ed degree programs incorporate additional skills credentials and certifications within them employers are specifically looking for? Dr. Michelle Marks, Vice President for Academic Innovation and New Ventures at George Mason University joined the podcast to talk about their new cloud computing degree in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Northern Virginia Community […]

HR’s move to competency-based hiring

Would competency-based hiring put competency-based learning back in the spotlight? Reported by EdSurge, more and more HR managers are exploring and championing this concept of competency-based or skills-based hiring. And this could move us away from the degree being the primary signal of a new candidate’s talent, and more toward skills alignment to a company […]

Retraining vs. education?

Is Amazon going to “educate” 100,000 of their employees, or merely “retrain” them? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Amazon announced they will spend $700 million dollars over the next six years retraining their frontline workers whose positions may be eliminated by automation. But should we consider this re-training to also be educating? Or will Amazon […]