Oberlin’s Enrollment Swap

Oberlin College is swapping conservatory students for liberal arts ones. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, Oberlin College is shifting their enrollment goals, trimming 100 students from their music conservatory while adding 100 liberal arts students. This is because conservatory students bring in about $10,000 less than liberal arts students – due to the high market […]

Arizona State University Goes All-in on Corporate Partnerships with InStride

Arizona State University is going all-in on corporate partnerships. Reported by Education Dive, ASU has announced the launch of InStride, a platform designed to connect employers looking to offer education benefits. Already an industry leader when it comes to partnerships, ASU is looking to help move the industry more from student debt-funded financing to employer-funded […]

LabXChange: A MOOC Remix

Could MOOCs find new life if faculty could borrow from other courses to create their own? Reported by EdSurge, HarvardX’s founding faculty director, Robert Lue, is building a new platform called LabXChange designed to deliver on the promise of free education for all. The vision? Fully open source curriculum materials. The challenge? Getting universities and […]

How Harvey Mudd’s President is Solving the Gender Gap in Computer Science

How is Harvey Mudd College’s President helping solve the gender gap in computer science? Reported by EdSurge, President Maria Klawe’s intentional diversity and inclusion initiatives at Harvey Mudd College have helped raise the women-student ratio in STEM degrees from 30% to 50% during her tenure there. This approach required a strategic plan that focused on […]

California is Piloting Income-Share Agreements

California is the latest state to pilot income-share agreements. Reported by EdSurge, California’s Assembly Committee on Higher Education has approved a bill to pilot income-share agreements through the University of California systems and at California State University. These financial arrangements allow students to attend tuition-free, but require them to pay back a percentage of their […]

Incorporating bootcamps within our degree programs

Do we need to consider incorporating bootcamps within our existing degree programs? Reported by MarketWatch, many coding bootcamps are designed to quickly provide the practical skills to secure a good paying job. And many higher education degree programs focus on graduating well-rounded individuals, but potentially lacking on some hyper-practical entry level skills. So much so […]