Incentivizing Professional Development Through Credentialing

Would more people take professional development courses if they earned something for them beyond the knowledge itself? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, while certificates of completion from individual courses offer a nice sense of completion, if these courses were steps toward a larger or more recognized certification degree, would enrollment numbers increase? The takeaway? While […]

Cost-Cutting with Academics Off-Limits

On a cost-cutting mission, Drew University has put all academic expenses off limits. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, instead, Drew University has cut day care expenses, retiree health benefits, and public safety staff redundancies compared to peer institutions. The goal is to prioritize student-facing spending, and even launch various new academic programs to prioritize growth […]

Christian Brothers University Helps Students Learn by Making Them Teach

You’ve heard the old adage, “You haven’t learned something unless you can teach it to somebody else.” What if that were the attitude with which we approached year-end exams? For one professor, it is. Dr. Stan Eisen, Professor of Biology and Director of Pre-Professional Health Programs at Christian Brothers University, joined the Enrollment Growth University […]

More Universities are Offering Blockchain Diplomas

More and more universities are offering students their diplomas in the blockchain. Reported by Education Dive, rather than these transcripts being recognized and verified only by the registrar at these respective institutions, blockchain credentials allow students to have lifelong access to their credentials. The takeaway? As re-skilling and continual education certificates continue to grow in […]

New Report Suggests Less Barriers to Entry into College Than Many Think

NACAC’s annual “State of College Admissions” report helps dispel the myth that college is inaccessible. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, the average 4-year college admits nearly 2/3 of their freshman applicants. This figure doesn’t even include community colleges, which are open admit. The takeaway? College is by no means “easy”, but is more attainable than […]

What Can Our Institutions Learn from Other States’ Adult Promise Programs?

What can our institutions learn from other states’ adult promise programs? Reported by Education Dive, The State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) has been exploring the efficacy of Adult Promise Programs, programs designed to improve completion rates for adult students. These include last-dollar promises (subsidizing those tuition costs financial aid does not cover), and […]

Encouraging Study Abroad Opportunities in a Progressively Global Economy

While international student enrollment continues to decline in America, study abroad participants are growing year over year. Reported by Inside Higher Ed, a full 16% of those students earning bachelor’s degrees will study abroad at some point in their undergraduate career, with the number of American students studying abroad growing 2.3% in the past year. […]

Will AI Replace Teaching or Make Faculty More Human?

Will artificial intelligence replace teaching or make faculty even more human? Reported by EdSurge, Penn State University educators helped paint a picture at the EDUCAUSE national conference of how artificial intelligence and machine learning will help complement and support the work of faculty in the classroom. These include faculty using AI recommendation engines to discover […]