How to Develop Effective Employer Partnerships?

How can we develop effective employer partnerships? Reported by Education Dive, it’s about making sure we’re starting with the needs of the individual business. That we help them identify their skill gaps and their operational challenges, including recruitment and employee retention. And only then working collaboratively to develop an educational program that helps close those […]

When Institutions and Industry Collaborate

What if industry sponsored an institution’s research efforts dedicated to that industry? Reported by Education Dive, NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering’s new Institute of Design and Construction Innovations is fully supported by member construction industry firms and designed to provide them with innovation and research in construction, engineering, design and management. What a novel idea. […]

Determining a Student’s “Demonstrated” Interest in Enrolling

What can a student’s “demonstrated” interest tell you about their enrollment odds? Reported by Inside Higher Ed, more and more institutions are evaluating a student’s “demonstrated” interest by their online behavior, including email open rates, click throughs, time on site, etc. But more than just creating better enrollment forecasts with this additional predictive data, potentially […]

The University of Miami is Moving Away from MBA toward Specializations

A decline in MBA interest has institutions shifting to specializations. Reported by Education Dive, the University of Miami has added specializations in business analytics, finance and sustainable business to draw students concerned the traditional MBA isn’t relevant enough for their specific career ambitions. The takeaway? Know that your current top academic programs are just that. […]