Ensure enrollment and maintain engagement by transitioning to 100% online in 3 months.

Many students have been forgiving of our emergency learning continuity plans in the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But come Fall, many students won’t continue to pay a premium price point for an underwhelming experience.

So how can you move from emergency remote teaching to high-quality online education and effectively retain those students you worked so hard to enroll?

At Helix Education, in partnership with the National Institute of Online Learning and MindEdge, we have assembled a collection of online learning best practice resources and operational guides to empower colleges and universities to build out high-quality online education capacity aligned with the following four pillars:

The Four Pillars of Transitioning to Quality Online Education

We’ve distilled our decades of experience with online learning into these four pillars, each one replete with resources, rubrics, templates, and more that drive our daily work—and that we hope will help you achieve your transition goals.

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Some courses we offer that you should take

Certificate in Online Learning

Creating effective online learning courses and simulations can be a challenge. There are tools and techniques, as well as best practices, that can help those designing and creating online learning content for organizations and institutions of higher education.

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Introduction to Online Learning

Learners who are engaging in online coursework have high expectations for their learning experience. And many institutions try to develop online coursework as a way to reduce cost and control the content of the training...

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Narrative Learning

Storytelling and the use of narrative case studies can be a highly effective way to teach. Often, we learn best by doing, and in the context of online learning, “doing” often means utilizing case study and role-playing methods.

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Online Learning Accessibility

In developing any online learning material, federal regulations require adherence to specific accessibility standards. Students with disabilities must be given equal access to learn the content.

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