Remarketing Turn your unconverted student database and web traffic into a goldmine of new starts with remarketing direct mail, email and advertising.

80% of students who inquire at an institution, but don’t immediately enroll, still intend to in the future. But colleges and universities often give up on these old prospects since they weren’t ready right away. This is a big mistake, because:

  • Remarketing response rates are often 50-200% higher than prospecting
  • Conversion rates for remarketing are often 25% higher than any other channel

There may be no greater magic in higher ed marketing than the return you can get on your remarketing efforts. Because it is so much less expensive to nurture unconverted inquiries than acquire new ones. As part of our Remarketing package, we:

  • Create likelihood segments based on how closely your unconverted inquiries match the profiles of your successful students and graduates

  • Create segmented outreach strategy by likelihood to optimize budget

  • Utilize a combination of direct mail and email nurturing to re-engage and help them enroll

  • Determine new creative messaging and call-to-actions that provides a different messaging tactic

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