Outsourced Program Management

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Helix’s OPM partners grow their online and on-campus programs 8x faster than the industry average.

More institutions are looking to online program management companies (OPMs) to super-charge their enrollment growth. But unlike other OPMs who cherry-pick single programs while taking the majority share of your tuition revenue, only Helix Education’s enterprise-wide enrollment growth approach offers you a bridge to your operational independence.

What does Helix’s OPM partnership provide?

  • Our award-winning, in-house marketing agency
  • Our proven enrollment operations and proactive enrollment coaches who engage immediately with inquiries generated exclusively for your institution
  • Our predictive retention technology and success coaches
  • Our faculty-forward academic services to help design and launch new programs
  • Our technology and data intelligence that powers and informs your entire student lifecycle
  • All with flexible, performance-based contracts that let you lower your tuition share over time as you take functions back in-house

Enrollment marketing that makes a big impression and drives a big response.

The secret to standing out in a competitive market is a strategic mix of art and science. Our award-winning, in-house agency will create compelling campaigns that effectively communicate your brand, while our powerful marketing attribution models continually optimize your marketing spend.

  • Ensures brand consistency across all marketing channels

  • Provides closed-loop attribution to determine exactly what channels are working, and what’s working together

  • Offers channel-neutrality by creating whatever marketing mix works best, unlike some vendors incentivized to increase their own slice of your marketing pie

  • Provides continuous optimization of your marketing mix to maximize your ROI and enrollment growth

Enrollment operations that engage students to a successful start.

When our marketing campaigns compel your students to inquire or call, our dedicated enrollment coaches respond immediately on behalf of your institution – with proven contact strategies that deliver the right message at precisely the right time to maximize your enrollment success.

  • Immediate engagement leverages a student’s interest before your competitors

  • Student-first coaching methodologies ensure a positive experience

  • We utilize marketing and enrollment information to personalize student contact strategy

Retention strategies to keep more students you worked so hard to enroll.

Throughout each student’s academic experience, our success coaches leverage our predictive retention technology to identify at-risk behaviors, proactively reach out, and help your students persist to graduation.

  • Our technology platform dynamically aggregates enrollment, academic, and behavioral data across the student lifecycle to determine risk propensity

  • At-risk behavior automatically triggers personalized retention intervention strategies that keep your students on track

  • Our success coaches incorporate academic, life, and career coaching for every student

Academic services to help you launch high-demand and highly engaging programs.

Our academic services team will work with your faculty to design, build, and launch dynamic programs that effectively engage the post-traditional learner, no matter your learning management system or program modality. From online and on-campus to blended and competency-based, we offer the tools, training, and support to help you develop strong, student-centric, and sustainable programs – all while you retain full ownership of your academic IP/curriculum.

  • Program and curriculum development
  • Instructional design
  • Competency-based education (CBE) consulting
  • Academic policy consulting

Technology that connects all the dots in your data story.

What makes Helix’s enterprise OPM solution so powerful is our technology platform that ensures data intelligence drives your entire student lifecycle – optimizing the effectiveness of every dollar in marketing spend and every student communication along the way.

  • Develops comprehensive profiles of prospective / active student groups to drive personalized interactions

  • Provides closed-loop intelligence and continuous optimization of media, process and engagement interactions

  • Powers dashboards, reporting and analytics

Keep more of your tuition revenue.

You don’t have to give up the majority share of your tuition to a “partner” you’ll find yourself contractually stuck with – and dependent on – for the next decade. Helix’s flexible, performance-based contracts can provide a financial solution that works best for you. Invest in your own media spend, at cost, and lower your tuition revenue fee even further.

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