Student + Parent Expectation Management

How can you communicate clearly and regularly in order to establish trust, build confidence, and set clear expectations of your value to both students and their parents?

As new and returning students (and their parents) prepare for a new normal in the fall, how can you assure them of a quality educational experience, even if it’s primarily online? We’ve curated this collection of resources to assist you in doing just that.


Helix Education’s Four Essentials of Expectation Management

Get your students and their families excited about the unique opportunities of online learning as you lay the groundwork for keeping them informed and on track.


Helix Education’s Persuasive Presentation Rubric

This tool enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your presentations—and identify areas of improvement—in five key categories: Audience, Message, Story, Media/Slides, and Delivery.


Helix Education’s Persuasive Presentation Outline

Get dozens of particular pointers to better connect with your audience, refine your message, structure your story, get the most out of your media, and polish your delivery.


Helix Education Student and Parent Expectation Management Best Practices

Learn the operational considerations and mandatories of a successful, student-centric online experience, including online admissions, registration, financial aid help, and more.


Recorded Webinar: Student + Parent Expectation Management—Students Tell All

Hear from four college students at institutions across the country as they share their personal stories about the impact COVID-19 has had on their college experience. Student panelists include:

  • Greg Shagen, Senior, University of Utah
  • Payton Camilli, Junior, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Joey Lukrich, Sophomore, Drake University
  • Cameron “Cami” Burke, Freshman, Boston College

Recorded Webinar: Creating Institutional Buy-In for the New Future of Higher Ed

Gain critical insights on how to secure institution-wide support for online learning. Panelists for this discussion include: 

  • Mary Johnson, Director of Instructional Design & Online Teaching and Learning at Brenau University
  • Trish Bugajski, Dean of the College of Adult and Distance Education at the University of Saint Francis
  • Miranda Benson, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Helix Education
  • Cherron Hoppes, Ed.D., Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education

Recorded Webinar: Keeping Your Marketing Straight When the World Goes Sideways

Review enrollment marketing principles that remain critical to your institution’s success, even during COVID-19. Presented by Andy Nelson (Vice President of Marketing at Helix Education) and Katie Van Hazelen (Senior Content Strategist at Helix Education).

Recorded Webinar: Online Student + Parent Expectation Management—Crisis Communication

Learn essential steps colleges and universities can take now to better prepare, plan, communicate, and adapt in a time of crisis. Presented by Juli Clay (Assistant VP for Executive Programs and Communication Department Chair at Brenau University) and Kari Kovar (Chief Operating Officer at Helix Education).

Recorded Webinar: Student + Parent Expectation Management

In this recorded webinar, Kari Kovar, Chief Operating Officer at Helix Education, breaks down the Four Essentials of Expectation Management. Learn how to effectively communicate, define responsibilities, plan, and monitor feedback to ensure your institution exceeds student and parent expectations as you transition toward online education together.

Social Media Etiquette During National Tragedies

Kat Cornetta, Assistant to the Dean of Students at Boston University, joined Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth University podcast to discuss when to speak vs. when to be silent on social media when navigating national tragedies.

Current Student Communications

Samantha Krotzer, Content Manager at Temple University, joined Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth University podcast to discuss how their Nutshell Newsletter serves to fill the gap between enrollment and alumni communications and better engage current students.

Communicating with Parents of Prospective Students

As you assemble a communications plan for parents, it’s important to know who they are. In this presentation, you’ll discover that, while parents differ by geographic region and socioeconomic factors, there are some generalizations and trends to keep in mind.

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Become Certified in Online Learning


Need a comprehensive solution for your institution?

This National Institute of Online Learning certificate, powered by MindEdge, combines five courses to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the simulations, tools, and techniques that can transform your online course content.

In addition to earning IACET CEU credit, you will also receive a Mozilla Open Badge for Online Learning.

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Gain Expertise in Key Areas

Take key subjects on one at a time. Learners who successfully complete these courses will receive a Mozilla Open Badge and IACET CEU credit.

Introduction to Online Learning

An excellent primer on the fundamental models, tools, and techniques for creating and delivering online learning.

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Narrative Learning

Examine how narrative case studies and role-playing can facilitate “learning by doing” in the online space.

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Online Learning Accessibility

Measure your institution’s ability to accommodate students with disabilities that may be magnified by learning online.

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Teaching Online

Faculty can still deliver quality lessons and assist struggling learners in an online setting. Here’s how.

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The Technology of Online Learning

Online instruction brings with it a specialized vocabulary. Consider this your invaluable glossary to these terms.

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