Online Student Experience + Engagement

How can you leverage student-first activities, institutional support, and diverse communication strategies to excite and engage with your online student community?

There’s nothing quite like college life…but how can students feel that strong sense of school pride and community while taking classes online? These resources can help your institution develop short- and long-term plans that keep that keeps your students engaged and involved—no matter where they are.


Recorded Webinar: Online Student Experience & Engagement—A Culture of Coaching

Discover proven principles and practices that elevate an institution’s student-facing interactions while laying a critical foundation of coaching. Presented by Miranda Benson, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Helix Education.

Helix Education’s 8 Steps to Cultivating Superior Engagement and Experiences for Online Students

Use this guide to understand how a firm coaching framework and proactive, engaging, student-focused experiences will foster exceptional relationships with your student body.

Helix Education’s New Student Orientation Best Practices

Rely on these new student orientation strategies and tactics to drive student persistence.

Helix Education’s New Student Orientation Framework

Learn how you can employ videos, interactive materials, and links on your institution’s learning management system to host a new student orientation that connects students to support structures.


Helix Education’s Student Experience and Engagement Rubric

This rubric will provide you the methodology, structure, and areas of focus for you to assess your institution’s ability to deliver high-quality online experiences while driving term-to-term persistence.


Helix Education’s Engaging Students to Drive Persistence

Create a multi-channel communication strategy that provides students with the content they need to make informed decisions and persist.


Helix Education’s Student Experience and Engagement Benchmarks and KPIs

Improve enrollment performance by identifying and applying key performance metrics to your everyday practices.


Recorded Webinar: Online Student Experience + Engagement—10 Must-Haves to Reduce Student Melt for Fall

Examine 10 essential, real-world solutions you can apply immediately to your efforts to keep students engaged with your institution. Presented by Miranda Benson, VP of Enrollment Management at Helix Education.

Recorded Webinar: Online Student Experience & Engagement—Student Retention in a Pandemic

Discover short- and long-term solutions to address students’ needs and help them persist toward their degree—even in a pandemic. Presented by Miranda Benson, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Helix Education.

Recorded Webinar: Student + Parent Expectation Management

Learn how connecting academic and student affairs ensures persistence, even when students learn online. Hear from experts Dr. Brian Bourke, associate professor of postsecondary education at Murray State University, and Dr. Cherron Hoppes, Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education.

The Helix Way of Enrollment Management

Understand how a solid coaching framework can serve as the foundation for keeping students engaged and forward-focused on their journey.

Rise 101 Training: Student Affairs and Online Engagement

Learn Helix Education’s 30-day outreach strategy that uses phone, email, and text to contact and meaningfully engage with potential students.

Helix Education’s COVID-19 Coaching Conversation Guide

Understand how to talk-through the academic and persistence-related challenges of COVID-19 to ensure your students are prepared to continue their education.

Helix Education: Responsibilities of an Enrollment Coach

Learn how an enrollment coach will help prospective students understand and manage the processes of enrolling and registering at your institution.

Helix Education: Responsibilities of a Success Coach

Understand how personal success coaching fosters good will, helps students manage workloads, and leads to student success.

Multi-Channel Engagement Marketing with Marketo Engage

Learn how to align multiple communication channels to drive action and build institutional loyalty.

Student Affairs Communications Technology at Bridgewater State University

Dr. Ed Cabellon, Assistant to the VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Bridgewater State University, joined Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about how his university leveraged technology to more effectively engage and retain current students.

Bringing Customer Service Best Practices to Higher Education

Gareth Fowles, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Lynn University joined Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth University podcast to discuss why higher ed needs to follow the lead of customer-service oriented companies from other industries when it comes to student support.

Upgrading Your Online Student Services

Dr. Victoria Brown, Associate Professor, Former Assistant Provost for eLearning at Florida Atlantic University joined Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about the missional and enrollment growth importance of upgrading student services for the online learner.

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Become Certified in Online Learning


Need a comprehensive solution for your institution?

This National Institute of Online Learning certificate, powered by MindEdge, combines five courses to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the simulations, tools, and techniques that can transform your online course content.

In addition to earning IACET CEU credit, you will also receive a Mozilla Open Badge for Online Learning.

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Gain Expertise in Key Areas

Take key subjects on one at a time. Learners who successfully complete these courses will receive a Mozilla Open Badge and IACET CEU credit.

Introduction to Online Learning

An excellent primer on the fundamental models, tools, and techniques for creating and delivering online learning.

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Narrative Learning

Examine how narrative case studies and role-playing can facilitate “learning by doing” in the online space.

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Online Learning Accessibility

Measure your institution’s ability to accommodate students with disabilities that may be magnified by learning online.

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Teaching Online

Faculty can still deliver quality lessons and assist struggling learners in an online setting. Here’s how.

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The Technology of Online Learning

Online instruction brings with it a specialized vocabulary. Consider this your invaluable glossary to these terms.

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