Institutional Online Readiness

Does your institution have the strategic and operational mandatories necessary to support quality online programs?

Few could have anticipated the sudden and dramatic impact of COVID-19 on all aspects of life, including higher education. As your institution looks to the future, use these resources to increase your preparedness and poise to weather whatever comes next.


Helix Education’s Online Institutional Readiness Best Practices

Use this guide as a baseline to re-examine the online viability of your administrative and academic processes.

Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth Playbook

“Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth Playbook represents next-generation thinking about how universities and colleges should execute their enterprise-level goals, growth, marketing, enrollment, retention, and data intelligence.” – Eric Stoller, Inside Higher Ed


Helix Education’s Online Readiness Rubric

Designed for any institution seeking to optimize its online experience, this rubric, created by Helix Education’s Academic Services team, will assess your readiness to expand your offerings and provide guidelines for developing quality online teaching and learning experiences.


Recorded Webinar: Online Institutional Readiness—The MUST-HAVES for Successful Operations

Examine the must-have elements of your institution’s action plan toward continuous operational improvement. Presented by Dr. Cherron Hoppes (Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education) and Adam Hilton (Vice President of Partner Engagement at Helix Education).

Recorded Webinar: Being Ready for Online Operations and Services

Discover how Helix Education’s online readiness audit process can prepare your institution to thrive online. Hear from Dr. Jenna Templeton, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Chatham University, who has reaped the benefits of partnering with Helix. Also joining is Dr. Cherron Hoppes, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education.

Recorded Webinar: Remote Emergency Teaching to Quality Online Education

In this recorded webinar, Cherron Hoppes Ed.D., Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education explains how to go beyond the quick moves at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis to establish a quality experience for faculty, students, and stakeholders.

Finding Productivity in Higher Ed’s Not So New Normal

“It is okay to be overwhelmed as you try to figure out what tomorrow might bring.” Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Cherron Hoppes, shares 5 tips for higher ed professionals who may be finding the transition to remote work challenging.

Making Higher Ed Leaders Digitally Savvy

Dr. Josie Ahlquist, Research Associate and Instructor at Florida State University, joined Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about how important it is for higher ed leaders to be digitally savvy, and how they can get there at your institution.

Preventing Stop-outs and Drop-outs through Micro-Grants

Tina McEntire, Associate Provost at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, joined Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth University podcast to discuss how their Gold Rush micro-grant program keeps students from stopping out for financial reasons.

Could Your Institution Improve Online Course Availability Through Consortium Partnerships?

Dr. Diana Comuzzie, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Schreiner University joined Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about creative ways to improve course availability for students through consortium partnerships.

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Ready Your Institution with a Certificate in Online Learning


Need a comprehensive solution for your institution?

This National Institute of Online Learning certificate, powered by MindEdge, combines five courses to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the simulations, tools, and techniques that can transform your online course content.

In addition to earning IACET CEU credit, you will also receive a Mozilla Open Badge for Online Learning.

See What You’ll Learn →

Gain Expertise in Key Areas

Take key subjects on one at a time. Learners who successfully complete these courses will receive a Mozilla Open Badge and IACET CEU credit.

Introduction to Online Learning

An excellent primer on the fundamental models, tools, and techniques for creating and delivering online learning.

See What You’ll Learn →

Narrative Learning

Examine how narrative case studies and role-playing can facilitate “learning by doing” in the online space.

See What You’ll Learn →

Online Learning Accessibility

Measure your institution’s ability to accommodate students with disabilities that may be magnified by learning online.

See What You’ll Learn →

Teaching Online

Faculty can still deliver quality lessons and assist struggling learners in an online setting. Here’s how.

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The Technology of Online Learning

Online instruction brings with it a specialized vocabulary. Consider this your invaluable glossary to these terms.

See What You’ll Learn →

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