The COVID-19 Roadmap to Fall 2020

You have 1 month to ensure enrollment, maintain engagement, and transition to 100% online.

Here’s how to do it.

By Fall 2020, students, parents, accreditors and The U.S. Department of Education will demand an online learning experience with the level of quality, intentionality, engagement, and support that they expect from your institution. What can you do now to ensure that you’re ahead of the curve?

The Four Pillars of Transitioning to Quality Online Education

Helix Education has powered quality online educational experiences for thousands of students over 30+ years. We’ve established four essential pillars of online learning upon which you should build your plan of attack.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we have assembled a collection of resources that each role at your institution can use to kick-start your transition. Within each pillar, you’ll find:

How-to guides

so you can scale online solutions for your institution.

Assessment rubrics

that prioritize your institution’s greatest needs.

Foundational templates

that help you develop and implement best practices.

Benchmarks + KPIs

that measure your success.

Professional development + training

to learn creative solutions to challenges.

Hear From Our Experts with In-Depth Webinars

Recorded Webinars

Online Institutional Readiness—The MUST-HAVES for Successful Operations

This webinar examines must-have elements of your institution’s action plan toward continuous operational improvement. Leading the discussion are Dr. Cherron Hoppes (Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education) and Adam Hilton (Vice President of Partner Engagement at Helix Education).

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Become Certified in Online Learning

Need a comprehensive solution for your institution?

This National Institute of Online Learning certificate, powered by MindEdge, combines five courses to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the simulations, tools, and techniques that can transform your online course content.

In addition to earning IACET CEU credit, you will also receive a Mozilla Open Badge for Online Learning.

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Gain Expertise in Key Areas

Take key subjects on one at a time. Learners who successfully complete these courses will receive a Mozilla Open Badge and IACET CEU credit.

Introduction to Online Learning

An excellent primer on the fundamental models, tools, and techniques for creating and delivering online learning.

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Narrative Learning

Examine how narrative case studies and role-playing can facilitate “learning by doing” in the online space.

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Online Learning Accessibility

Measure your institution’s ability to accommodate students with disabilities that may be magnified by learning online.

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Teaching Online

Faculty can still deliver quality lessons and assist struggling learners in an online setting. Here’s how.

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The Technology of Online Learning

Online instruction brings with it a specialized vocabulary. Consider this your invaluable glossary to these terms.

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About Helix Education + National Institute of Online Learning

Helix Education provides colleges and universities a comprehensive suite of technology and services to power enrollment growth. With offices in Denver, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City, Helix has successfully helped institutions find, enroll, retain, teach and graduate post-traditional learners for more than 30 years.

The National Institute of Online Learning (NIOL) is a division of MindEdge, a web-based learning house based in Massachusetts. Since its founding by Harvard and MIT educators in 1998, it has fulfilled its mission of improving the way the world learns by serving some two million learners. Among its offerings are credits from such institutions as SHRM, IACET, CompTIA, OMCP, and many more.

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