Market Skills Mapping Connect the dots between your degree programs and post-degree employability.

We align your degree programs to real-time jobs data and in-demand skills to help prospective students understand exactly what your degrees will help unlock for them.

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With more and more students and employers beginning to question the value of higher education, it is essential for your institution to help clarify the path from college to career.

Helix Education’s academic and research teams will align your programmatic outcomes with real-time in-demand market skills, identify potential skills gaps in your existing curriculum, and create compelling proficiency stories to help prospective students understand what kind of market reception will await them upon graduation.

Your Market Skills Mapping enables you to:

  • Identify the most frequently requested skills in the target occupations of your degree programs

  • Align your programmatic outcomes to these real-time in-demand market skills

  • Show prospective students exactly what real-time market opportunities and potential salaries await them upon graduation

  • Empower your students with a stronger proficiency story for employers and their résumés regarding the knowledge, skills, abilities, and dispositions (KSADs) they obtained in your programs

  • Determine potential skills gaps and market trends to make your existing degree programs even more competitive

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