Growth and Expansion Analysis

Growth & Expansion Analysis What if you could launch every new program with confidence it was going to be a winner for your institution?

Learn exactly which programs are in the highest demand nationally, have the lowest competition regionally, and provide the best fit within your existing portfolio.

Institutions too often launch new programs with crossed-fingers, but without a crystal-clear understanding of what to expect in terms of enrollment.

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Now, for the first time ever, before you even think about launching a new program, Helix Education’s Growth & Expansion Analysis can recommend exactly what programs are right for your institution based on market demand, competitive landscape, geographic trends, employment demand, portfolio fit, and much more!

Your custom growth & expansion analysis includes:

  • A comprehensive report of the hottest and highest trending programs nationally, based on market demand, competitive strength, outcomes data and employer demand

  • A customized program fit report to determine which of these hot and trending programs may be easiest to add in to your institution’s current portfolio given your existing curriculum, faculty and facilities

  • A customized evaluation and selective ranking of your existing program portfolio to help you determine where to focus and how to allocate your strategic marketing efforts and budget

  • A custom analysis and ranking of programs your institution is currently considering to determine market interest and overall feasibility

  • An expansion geography and audience targeting plan that matches your institution’s and program’s right-fit audience segments

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Why Helix for program research?

Helix Education helps college and universities grow their enrollment 8x faster than the industry average, with a 3-year partner program growth rate of 48%.

Leverage Helix Education’s comprehensive market research technology stack and data points, including Element One, Burning Glass, IPEDS, BLS, Google AdWords and our proprietary network data.

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