The Enrollment Growth Playbook How to Launch, Market & Grow Successful Online & On-Campus Programs

“Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth Playbook represents NEXT-GENERATION THINKING about how universities and colleges should execute their enterprise-level goals, growth, marketing, enrollment, retention, and data intelligence.”
Eric Stoller, Inside Higher Ed

The biggest collection of adult enrollment growth strategies ever released to the industry just got a whole lot bigger. With 50% new content on how to solve enrollment growth challenges, the 2nd edition of Helix’s Enrollment Growth Playbook is your institution’s step-by-step roadmap to adult student enrollment success.

  • Find high-demand programmatic and geographic growth opportunities
  • Better target post-traditional learners, who now make up 85% of the total market
  • Design a marketing strategy that delivers the right message, to the right student, on the right channel, at the right time, and for the right price
  • Streamline your enrollment funnel through a proactive, persistent and personalized approach to student engagement
  • Solidify your retention approach with a data + coaching strategy that graduates more of the students you worked so hard to enroll
  • Leverage data intelligence and technology to find your right-fit students and optimize your enrollment paths

“I’ve found Helix’s Enrollment Growth Playbook to be such a useful resource in helping me ORGANIZE AND PLAN MY ENROLLMENT MARKETING and student lifecycle strategy. Institutions looking to grow their enrollments will find a wealth of valuable worksheets, tips, and guiding principles applicable to online, undergraduate, graduate, or professional education.”
Lesley Nichols, Executive Director of Professional Studies at Emerson College

Download the Enrollment Growth Playbook. Design the winning formula for your institution’s enrollment growth. And start winning, starting today.

The Enrollment Growth Playbook



Download The Enrollment Growth Playbook

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