The Enrollment Growth Playbook How to Launch, Market & Grow Successful Online & On-Campus Programs

What’s the secret to standing out in a competitive higher education market? A strategic mix of art and science. You need visually arresting creative that cuts through the noise and stays true to your brand. And you need powerful marketing attribution models that continually optimize your channel mix to maximize the return on every penny you spend.

Learn more about Helix’s innovative and data-driven approach to enrollment marketing that’s helping our partners grow enrollment 8x faster than the industry average. Download the Enrollment Growth Playbook, your institution’s step-by-step roadmap to adult student enrollment success.


“It's exciting that there's one agency that can provide world-class direct response and world-class branding. This is a game changer.”

Jay Goin Executive Vice President
Jay Goin, ACU
  • Learn how to design and develop the right brand, messaging and promotional strategies that help you stand out from the crowd and attract your institution’s right-fit students
  • Establish a “one university, one voice” approach that integrates and unifies your marketing efforts among all of your institution’s audiences
  • Ensure every promotion you design is both elevating brand awareness and driving response


Download The Enrollment Growth Playbook

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Helix Education’s “Be More at” Re-brand Generates 32% Increase in YOY Enrollment Growth for Brenau University

Higher Education’s Only Truly Integrated Agency of Record

Many institutions use different vendors for different marketing channels. This strategy is not only incredibly inefficient and makes it almost impossible to convey a consistent brand, but you’re also losing powerful data insights. Your prospective student data often gets stuck in silos, and you can’t truly measure your ROI. Our integrated agency of record model:

  • Ensures brand consistency across all marketing channels

  • Provides closed-loop attribution to determine exactly what channels are working, and what’s working together

  • Offers channel-neutrality by creating whatever marketing mix works best, unlike some vendors incentivized to increase their own slice of your marketing pie

  • Provides continuous optimization of your marketing mix to maximize your ROI and enrollment growth

High-Performing Creative that Cuts through the Noise

Download the Enrollment Growth Playbook. Design the winning formula for your institution’s enrollment growth. And start winning, starting today.