Content Strategy Maximize your website performance with a content assessment and strategy that informs and inspires.

The higher ed marketplace is more competitive than ever, and the cost to find students across every marketing channel keeps rising. So while other colleges and universities are spending more and more money driving students to ineffective websites, you can optimize your cost-per-start by maximizing your most critical conversion medium – your website.

For every $92 organizations spend driving traffic to their website, they only spend $1 on optimizing the site performance.


Your advertising is merely the front door. Once they enter your website, that’s when your storytelling needs to begin. That’s when you need to inform and inspire. As part of our Content Architecture Assessment and Strategy, we will:

  • Evaluate your top 50 web pages to assess quality, relevance and effectiveness

  • Assess user experience, including navigation, content sections, structures, sequences, and labels

  • Develop content models that incorporate the most critical information students need to take the next step forward in your enrollment funnel

  • Develop a content plan, including topics, timing and channels to optimize your website for

At that point, we can either hand the optimization and production plan back over to your internal team, or we can continue running point on it for you.

Have questions about our Content Strategy process? We’re happy to talk through this process, and explain exactly what deliverables you will receive.

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