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  • Reassessing our Financial Aid Policies due to COVID
    Many institutions are reassessing their financial aid policies in light of the COVID recession. What do college finances look like right now because of COVID and how tricky are financial calculations going to get?   Dr. Phillip Levine, professor of economics at Wellesley College and founder of MyinTuition, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk […]
  • The 10 Must-Haves to Prevent Student Melt
    Right now, college faculty and administrators are trying to help students tie up loose enrollment ends, reopen campus (if possible), all while navigating a pandemic. It’s a tough time. Miranda Benson, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Helix, talks about our high risk for student melt this fall, and 10 ways to mitigate your risk […]
  • Preventing a Student Retention Crisis This Fall
    Administrators and professors have worked hard to help students continue their education this fall, but can we keep students engaged when they’re learning in online classrooms? Dr. Rebecca Glazier, Associate Professor at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, joined the  Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about being prepared for a potential student retention crisis […]
  • Increasing Student Engagement with Negotiated Curriculum at Florida Gulf Coast University
    Is “negotiated curriculum” a great way to increase your student engagement this fall? Brenda Thomas, Director of the University Colloquium Program at Florida Gulf Coast University, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about negotiating course curriculum with our students and the incredible engagement power of getting student buy-in up-front. The Negotiated Curriculum Experiment […]
  • Empowering Student-to-Student Support with Q&A Communities
    Amid the scramble to move in-class instruction online, we may be overlooking a critical issue — how to replicate student-to-student support online.  Katy Kappler, Co-Founder and CEO of InScribe, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about the power of student-to-student engagement and how institutions can think about facilitating it this fall. Why Online […]

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