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  • Evaluating Your Institution’s Online Readiness
    There’s more to online teaching and learning than what happens inside the learning management system. And since COVID is apparently going to be with us for a while, we need to have some discussions about broader key operational considerations as we move into the fall term. Dr. Jenna Templeton, Vice President of Academic Affairs at […]
  • Student + Parent Expectation Management
    In the latest installment of the Helix Education webinar series on COVID-19: The Roadmap to Fall 2020, Kari Kovar, Chief Operating Officer at Helix Education breaks down the four essentials of expectation management to ensure an effective 2-way communication loop as you transition to quality online education this fall. Intentional Communication Our standard protocols aren’t […]
  • Helix Education’s Online/Blended Course Quality Rubric
    Cherron Hoppes Ed.D., Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Helix Education, and Emily Wood, Director of Instructional Design at Helix Education, created this webinar to discuss how presidents, provosts, and faculty can use Helix Education’s Online/Blended Course Quality Rubric to prioritize immediate needs in improving their institution’s online learning experience. The Circumstances Higher Ed […]
  • IBM’s Open Source Data Science Curriculum
    Ana Maria Echeverri, AI Skills Learning and Certifications Lead at IBM, joined the Enrollment Growth University podcast to talk about how higher ed can spin up new programs faster, and the open source data science curriculum kit they’re building together with University of Pennsylvania and the Linux Foundation. An Overview of IBM’s Open-source Data Science […]
  • Bringing Student Affairs Online
    Right now, institutions are feverishly trying to transition from the remote emergency teaching of this spring to high-quality online education that’s ready for fall. Our student affairs departments need to be similarly scrambling to do the same on the student support side. Dr. Brian Bourke, Associate Professor of Postsecondary Education Administration at Murray State University, […]

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