Online Enrollment Growth Accelerator

What are high-growth institutions doing so differently?

They’re focused on the only demographic that’s growing right now in higher education: adult online students. But this is a highly competitive space.

  • Do you have the right academic programs in your online portfolio to scale growth?
  • Do you have the capacity and capabilities to spin up new online programs quickly?
  • Can you provide a fantastic online experience to an increasingly demanding student?
  • Do you have the right creative, marketing and media plans to recruit well for an adult online audience you can’t just buy ACT and SAT names to find?

Helix Education’s Online Enrollment Growth Accelerator is the perfect launching pad for your institution’s rapid online growth to join the ranks of Helix partners who grew their online program enrollment by 76% on average last year. Your Accelerator experience includes:

Growth & Expansion Study

What if you could launch each new online program with confidence they would be enrollment winners for your institution?

Learn exactly which programs are in the highest demand nationally, have the lowest competition regionally, and provide the best fit within your existing portfolio. With Helix’s Growth & Expansion Study, you can successfully cultivate new online programs, guided by a data-driven analysis of recommended programs for your institution based on market demand, geographic interest and institutional fit. You’ll receive:

  • National program trending report
  • Custom program fit analysis
  • Custom ranking of your existing program portfolio & consideration set
  • Expansion geography and audience targeting plan

Online Strategy Assessment

Is your institution staffed, structured and strategically invested in what it takes to power high-quality online program growth? What barriers still stand in your way?

Helix’s Online Readiness Assessment evaluates your campus culture, online resources, enrollment and retention processes, technology, and existing curriculum. Our academic services team conducts quantitative and qualitative research both virtually and through a three-day on-campus visit, ultimately delivering a report that provides you with a detailed formula to online instructional success. You’ll receive:

  • Qualitative research & interviews
  • Operational capacity and culture evaluation
  • Recommendations road-map

Brand Identification & Development Process

Does your current brand and creative campaign stand out in a crowded higher ed market?

Ensuring a winning position in the competitive higher ed marketplace requires a clearly defined brand and emotionally evocative marketing. And the backbone of this results-driven creative is research-driven strategy. Helix’s Brand Identification & Development process includes comprehensive on-campus workshops, interviews and competitive analysis. The result? An engaging brand position, creative strategy, and messaging framework that makes noise for you in the market. You’ll receive:

  • On-campus workshops and competitive analysis
  • Creative strategy guide
  • Market-ready creative campaign options & flexible messaging hierarchy

Integrated Media Audit & 12-Month Plan

Is your marketing plan allocated to the right media channels and at the right mix to hit your enrollment targets?

Match your ideal student with the message they want and the media channels they use most. Helix’s Integrated Media Audit & 12-Month Plan features audience and geographic research plus detailed channel planning, synthesized into a comprehensive, fully integrated, channel-by-channel, ready-to-implement enrollment marketing plan for your next academic year. You’ll receive:

  • Media audit findings & recommendations
  • Competitive media research
  • Comprehensive 12-month integrated media plan
  • Creative delivery recommendations

Innovation & Growth Summit

What new revenue streams and explosive growth potential is your institution perfectly primed to unlock?

Helix’s Innovation & Growth Summit is a cross-functional, idea-generation extravaganza. Through institutional discovery and research facilitated by a multi-day, on-campus ideation workshop, we help unlock the very best moonshot ideas from your team. After additional vetting, we return for a final on-site presentation to share how these ideas aren’t just believable—they’re absolutely achievable. You’ll receive:

  • Institutional discovery & research
  • Multi-day ideation workshop with your staff and Helix’s
  • On-site presentation of growth paths and potential

What’s next? Get more information on these individual offerings or our most popular service bundles.

Online Enrollment Growth Accelerator

“We need a data-driven game plan and roadmap for building, launching and growing new online programs.”

  • Growth & Expansion Study
  • Online Strategy Assessment
  • Brand Identification & Development Process
  • Integrated Media Audit & 12-Month Plan
  • Innovation & Growth Summit

Strategic Marketing Suite

“We need to grow our online programs by better understanding market demand, programmatic trends, and media spend optimization.”

  • Growth & Expansion Study
  • Brand Identification & Development Process
  • Integrated Media Audit & 12-Month Plan

Online Expansion Package

“We need a more strategic and realistic pathway for moving our programs online.”

  • Growth & Expansion Study
  • Online Readiness Assessment

Growth & Expansion Suite

“We have deep growth ambitions as an institution, and want a data-driven framework to creatively pursue potential opportunities.”

  • Growth & Expansion Study
  • Innovation & Growth Summit

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