Authenticity to Action Make your institution stand out with research-driven brand and creative strategy that drives enrollment.

Now, more than ever, ensuring a winning position in the competitive higher ed marketplace requires a clearly defined brand and emotionally evocative marketing. And the backbone of this results-driven creative is research-driven strategy.

Authenticity to Action (A2A) is Helix Education’s proven and proprietary 4-stage brand identification and development process – designed to deliver high-performing creative that powers your integrated marketing strategy and drives enrollment.

Our research and creative teams will work hand-in-hand with your institution on this comprehensive brand development process that:

  • Delivers research-based strategy aimed at elevating your offerings, differentiating your market position, and increasing your market share

  • Aligns all offerings, across all modalities and degree levels, through a fully functional and flexible messaging hierarchy that works for all programs, verticals, and the brand at large

  • Provides multiple market-ready, cross-channel creative campaign options that blend the best of brand awareness and direct response marketing

  • Offers an actionable integrated media plan that maximizes efficiencies to drive up awareness and interest in our offerings while decreasing cost per acquisition

The centerpiece of our Authenticity-to-Action process is several days of in-depth and on-campus focus groups, followed by an exercise that brings together critical brand stakeholders to uncover your core values, outline the institution’s aspirational vision, and bright to light essential brand attributes that will be the catalyst for your brand identity.

We help answer questions, such as:

  • What really makes us different?
  • Do students care about what makes us different?
  • How do I size up against my competitors?
  • What are my biggest academic program growth opportunities?
  • What are my biggest geographic growth opportunities?

Have questions about our A2A process? We can talk through each of these 4 phases in detail, how they might augment any internal initiatives you may already have happening on campus, and explain exactly what deliverables you will receive.

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