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We know choosing the right LMS for your programs is a big decision. As your partner, we aren’t aligned with any particular LMS in the industry, which means we can help you make an unbiased decision and choose the platform that is truly the right fit for your modalities. Plus, we’ve launched clients on all of the industry’s leading LMS platforms, so we already know the ins and outs of each, ensuring a seamless and quick onboarding process.

While many institutions solely look to their LMS data to drive interventions with students who are struggling, we’ve discovered that this reactive approach is often too late. Instead, with our Helix Retain CRM data, we can drive proactive outreach to keep your students on-track and prevent possible barriers to their learning. Proactive Success Coaching, when coupled with real-time LMS data, makes for a more powerful student-centric retention strategy than LMS data alone.

See screenshots, dive into core features, and get excited about regaining control of student retention.

Academic Services

We create dynamic, interactive learning environments that result in solid, tangible student outcomes. Whether you are launching new programs or re-tooling existing ones, we work with you to build and implement dynamic programs that effectively engage learners of all ages, no matter the learning management system or modality. From online to on-campus, and hybrid to competency-based, we give you the tools, resources, and support that you need to compete in today’s higher education market with:

We are proud to deliver a partnership that is rooted in trust and transparency with a commitment to deliver engaging learning environments that drive student success.

We work closely with you to ensure we build the right curriculum and learning environments that are in-line with the mission of your institution and strategic goals. And then we take it a step further. We train your faculty on the best practices in teaching and learning for post-traditional students, across all modalities. For online and blended modalities in particular, we ensure faculty understand how to maximize their LMS and other unique tools available for successful online instruction.


Our solutions aren’t limited to academic consulting. See how we can support you through the full student lifecycle.