Helix LMS

Deliver competency-based education, specifically focusing on assessments, outcomes, and content.

Helix LMS is a comprehensive online learning platform built specifically as a single-delivery platform that serves competency-based, on-campus, online, hybrid, and continuing education modalities.

This innovative technology brings new levels of personalization, flexibility, and engagement to online learning. Our insights can help lower costs and increase retention and graduation rates.

With our flexible learning hierarchy, we can help you define an effective set of competencies for each course that outlines skills, knowledge, and abilities that students must demonstrate.

Deliver cutting-edge programs with personalized lessons and adaptive assessments

Helix LMS Attributes

  • Supports various CBE models
  • Personalized learning
  • Intuitive, engaging student experience
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Differentiated asynchronous learning
Helix LMS

The student dashboard displays at-a-glance information that will allow students to stay on track with assignments, announcements, discussions, and more.

Multi-Instance architecture

Security: With Helix LMS, you can enjoy your own private infrastructure on the cloud, which means added security. Your data will be separate from other institutions’ data, reducing the risk of accidental exposure and commingling.

Performance: Multi-instance architecture ensures tighter performance. With your own infrastructure, you’ll be insulated from issues and problems others may be experiencing.

Flexibility: This cost-effective, multi-instance solution can be tailored to fit your needs. You’ll have greater flexibility with custom configurations—you can decide when to upgrade and update.

Access: You’ll have full, direct access to your data whenever you need it, 24/7, as well as integration capabilities with other systems.

Technology that evolves with you

Helix LMS

Students can clearly see which competencies they are covering during each lesson.

Helix LMS allows your institution to innovate at your own pace while comparing and testing new programs, techniques, and learning models to ensure they are rolled out with proper thought and minimal technology frustration.

You can begin with importing your existing courses into Helix LMS, then move forward in a phased approach that takes advantage of our innovative curriculum-authoring features. Choose from options such as adding more engaging assessment types and group projects, leveraging analytics to enable targeted intervention, offering on-demand tutoring, adding lesson challenge exams, and much more.

How do we do it?

Knowledge is power—the more you know, the more you are able to control. With greater knowledge, faculty can deliver more effective instruction.

  • Faculty gain access to robust learner profiles, capturing details on performance, activity data, and communication history, which in turn enables them to tailor outreach appropriately.
  • Grading efficiencies allow faculty to easily manage students at different stages throughout the course.
  • Helix LMS can generate actionable recommendations for faculty, taking into account each learner’s level of competency, choice of pace, and current performance.

The value of Helix LMS

Helix LMS

The instructor dashboard reports real-time information, giving them the power to stay connected to students and address concerns immediately.

Personalized: Students have the flexibility to manage the pace of their coursework. Courses can be customized according to students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Interactive: Faculty are empowered to deliver quick yet detailed feedback, targeted intervention, and personal interaction with tools that save time and encourage student-teacher connections.

Measurable: Competencies can be measured for coverage and performance at the program and institutional level. They can additionally be mapped back to credit hours for accreditation reporting and Title IV purposes. Helix LMS can provide reports with drill-down capabilities to slice and dice data on a per-student, per-course, or per-program basis.

Helix LMS

The Outcomes Coverage Report provides administrators with an at-a-glance view into the full course to see the amount of content that’s already populated for each portion of the course, which competencies the content is mapped to, and allows for easy visibility of what’s missing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should we choose Helix LMS?

A: Helix LMS enables you to deliver personalized, competency-based education that helps improve student engagement and retention. The platform is built to manage the complexities that often come along with CBE including the ability to view and manage a content library where you can tag each lesson to corresponding competencies and save different versions; experiment with several different flavors of CBE and measure and compare their efficacy; and enable the faculty to take on a mentor role to facilitate personalized learning with a variety of tools to help manage grading, coaching, and tutoring.

Q: Is Helix LMS cloud-based and is it secure?

A: Yes. Our multi-instance architecture means your data is isolated. We use industry-standard security methods to ensure that not only is your data separate from other institutions, but also secure and protected.

Q: What level of curriculum customization does Helix LMS offer?

A: Helix LMS is extremely flexible to support different CBE models. Institutions can configure it to deliver their own unique CBE model. Courses can be customized based on students’ previous knowledge so that they can achieve their goals more efficiently. If students demonstrate mastery of a competency, they can skip related content and formative assessments. Or, if a student struggles with a competency, she can automatically be suggested additional content, and instructors can also assign additional work, tutoring, and resources.

Q: How do I become an academic partner with Helix Education?

A: We want to partner with institutions that are as passionate about online education as we are—those who are willing to push the envelope and create new and innovative programs. As a first step, we will conduct a thorough assessment and share our strategic recommendations for high-potential programs and institutional readiness. Based on our recommendations, we’ll work with you to build a solution that meets the needs of your institution.