Lead Confidence Toolkit

Gain reassurance that your interactive media mix is of the
highest quality and meets compliance standards.

Helix Education bundled a suite of lead quality tools in order to offer the most comprehensive and affordable solution for your digital media efforts.

From monitoring vendor pages for regulatory violations to verifying contact information and scoring your inquiries using state-of-the-art modeling technology, the Lead Confidence Toolkit will improve conversion rates and protect you from regulatory risk, including the new TCPA regulations.

STOP PAYING FOR THE WORST 10% OF YOUR LEADS WITH Helix Education’S LEAD confidence toolkit.

Improve your overall conversion

  • Scrub the bottom 10% of your leads, freeing up marketing budget for higher converting sources.
  • Detect and resolve serious regulatory violations, decreasing the chances of misled prospects.
  • Monitor and manage customized scrubbing rules to balance lead volume and conversion.

How do we do it?

Our comprehensive Lead Confidence Toolkit includes:

  • Helix Lead Manager scrubbing: Scrub leads on nearly 40 different parameters.
  • Lead Audit: Monitor and manage how and where your leads are generated.
  • Lead Verification: Identify and reject leads that do not provide valid contact information.
  • Lead Scoring: Sophisticated modeling determines how closely your inquiries align to your student base.
  • Compliance Management: Our technology crawls the Internet looking for regulatory violations, and then works with the vendors to resolve their violations.

Why choose Helix Education?

Helix Education has the advanced technology that can help you improve the quality of your CPL media buys, and as a result, boost your confidence that you’re spending your media mix budget accordingly. Plus, by working with us, you will receive 40 scrubbing parameters through Helix Lead Manager at no additional cost.

The value of our Lead Confidence Toolkit

Economical: Stop paying for inquiries that have no intention of becoming students, or that are generated using fraudulent or misleading practices.

Higher conversion: By decreasing the amount of inquiries that will never convert and replacing them with high-quality, high-intent sources, your admissions team will have more time to spend nurturing prospective students.

Protective: Safeguard your interactive vendor inquiries—an important channel in your marketing mix—by ensuring that they are as high-quality as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use just one of the quality tools, or do I have to buy all of them?

A: Helix Education will analyze your interactive media buy and determine which of the lead quality tools will be the most effective for improving the quality and conversion of your leads. Then, we will recommend a customized solution that will give you the highest return on your investment.

Q: How can I replace the volume once I start scrubbing?

A: We can replace inquiry volume with higher converting interactive vendors, or other digital media sources like search and display. We also recommend testing direct mail and remarketing as a supplement to the high-risk, low-quality leads we scrub.

Q: Will I receive regular updates about my leads through these monitoring and scrubbing tools?

A: Yes. In fact, we typically hold regularly scheduled calls with clients to review current campaigns, discuss optimization efforts, and media buys. Additionally, you will receive regular reports about your campaigns, and your leads will be delivered directly to your CRM. Finally, you can access information—such as scrubbing reports and inquiry contact information—directly in Helix Lead Manager, our client-facing lead management tool.