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What if you could know so much more about your students than what they’ve told you?

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What makes our enrollment growth solutions so powerful is our technology ecosystem that aggregates data across the student lifecycle to better understand your best-fit students’ journey, and implements actionable intelligence to improve outcomes for all your prospective and current students.

We’ve developed proprietary models utilizing tens of millions of post-traditional student data points analyzed over the last 30 years. These models allow us to append additional information to your student data to continuously optimize channel marketing decisions, engage each student personally, and retain them more successfully.

Technology that travels throughout the student lifecycle

As students move through your enrollment funnel, you learn more and more about them. Are you effectively leveraging all that data? Because:

  • Your marketing data should absolutely impact your enrollment strategies
  • Your enrollment data should absolutely impact your retention strategies
  • And your graduation data should absolutely impact how and who you recruit

Only Helix Education’s closed-loop technology ecosystem makes this sort of continuous optimization possible, bringing and leveraging student data from the marketing process to guide enrollment strategies and support student retention through to graduation.

Helix Find
Inquiry Management Platform

  • Scores, scrubs and validates all student inquiries
  • Provides CPI and CPS analytics, media-scenario planning and media optimization insights
  • Integrates with your CRM to improve the quality and conversion of your prospective student inquiries
  • Appends inquiries with additional information from third-party systems to gain additional insights

Helix Enroll
Enrollment Management CRM

  • Utilizes Helix Find data to optimize your enrollment funnel
  • Strategically routes inquiries based on sophisticated predictive modeling
  • Personalizes engagement marketing to the right students with the right message at the right time – throughout the student journey
  • Continuously evolves prospect profiles and enrollment models as more students flow through the funnel
Helix Retain

Helix Retain
Retention CRM

  • Utilizes Helix Find and Helix Enroll data to optimize your predictive retention models
  • Builds retention risk segments, markers and weighting
  • Tags at-risk students and automatically triggers personalized interventions
  • Integrates with SIS, CRM and LMS for key data inputs
  • Initiates proactive intervention and communication strategies at scale

Big data intelligence

Helix Acuity is our fully integrated data intelligence system, which incorporates insights gleaned from the entire student lifecycle to continuously optimize channel marketing decisions, engage each student personally, and retain them more successfully.

  • Develops comprehensive profiles of prospective / active student groups to drive personalized interactions

  • Provides closed-loop intelligence and continuous optimization of media, process and engagement interactions

  • Powers dashboards, reporting and analytics

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